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MQM workers will not accept anybody else as their leader except Altaf Hussain.

MQM workers will not accept anybody else as their leader except Altaf Hussain.
 Posted on: 6/30/2013
The news on electronic media about the volunteer announcement of Muttahida Quami Movement Chief Mr Altaf Hussain to resign from the leadership of MQM and transferring of all the powers and authorities to MQM Central Coordination Committee created lot of resentment among the workers of MQM and Haq Parast peoples.
Mr Hussain took this decision after the raid at his residence in London by the Scotland Yard and Metropolitan police.
All the office bearers, workers started to gather in the midnight between Saturday and Sunday the party headquarter 90 Azizabad and in Hyderabad, Sukkur, Nawabshah and other Zonal offices.
Many telephonic calls and faxes started to receive the message from Pakistan and throughout the world on 90 and London Secretariat to insist party leader Mr Hussain to take back his resignation. Party workers refused to work under any other leader except Altaf Hussain.
The workers and office bearers gathered on the party headquarter 90 were sitting hungry and thirsty since early morning on grounds chanting emotional slogans.
The workers and office bearers were chanting the slogans on the occasion “we don’t accept any other leader except Altaf Hussain,   Bhai’s Decision of resignation is not acceptable, we don’t need destination but our leader and many such slogans.
There was great zeal and enthusiasm found among the workers. The workers seemed to be so emotional. All of them were agreed on the same point that Altaf Hussain should take back his resignation; otherwise they will not eat and drink anything.
 There was a wave of great happiness & excitement among the workers as Mr Hussain voice was heard at 9 am on telephone. All the workers got up and kept on clapping and chanting slogans for long to express their tremendous love & affection for their leader.
Mr Hussain informed them about the details of the raid by the Scotland Yard and Metropolitan police. He said that it was a raid on the residence of such a person which is also a leader of billions people.
And this step demands that he should resign from the leadership of the party and handovers the matters of the party to the Central Coordination Committee.
The workers started shouting” not acceptable, not acceptable”. They expressed their feelings that whatever may be the consequences but they will not accept party leadership under anybody except of Altaf Hussain.
The workers couldn’t control their emotions on the occasion and burst into the tears and appealed to Mr Hussain in the name of Allah and Mohammad (PBUH) to take back his decision of resignation.
Mr Hussain tried hard to explain the workers but all of them rejected his decision of resignation and said that all the decisions are under the hands of their beloved leader Altaf Hussain but the decision of the “leadership of the party” is in the hands of the workers only and they can’t allow their adorable leader to resign from the leadership of the party.
On the persistent insistence of the workers Mr Hussain at last changed his decision.
Mr Hussain in his address said that he might not be a leader in the sight of British officials but I am a leader in the sight of my peoples and workers.
The participants clapped excitedly on the occasion and hugged each other. The participants expressed their gratitude to their beloved leader Mr Altaf Hussain and prayed especially Almighty Allah for his health, long life and to prevent him from all sort of unseen mishaps (Ameen)  

7/21/2018 3:51:33 PM