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MQM legislators urge CM to review policy of having soft corner for gang war’s terrorists

MQM legislators urge CM to review policy of having soft corner for gang war’s terrorists
 Posted on: 6/28/2013
Muttahida Quami Movement Members of Sindh Assembly while commenting on the statement of Sindh Chief Minister, Syed Qaim Ali Shah, appealed to him to review and reconsider his policy of having soft corner and support for the gang war terrorists, extortionist mafia, and `Bhatta’ mafia involved in the killings of innocent citizens.
MQM MPAs said that the Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah gets successful in controlling killing of innocent citizens and provide life and property protection to them from criminal elements and terrorists then nobody needs to protest against these atrocities and terrorism.
In a statement MQM MPAs said that MQM office bearers, workers even elected representatives are being assassinated today during the present government of Pakistan People’s Party as they were previously killed in the last tenure of PPP government. Only few days back MQM member of Sindh Assembly, Sajjid Qureshi was brutally killed along with his son.
On the one hand soon after the elections terrorists of the gang war have killed many MQM workers, office bearers  and sympathizers  belonging with different communities after attacking their houses in Lyari, Ranchor Lane, Kharadar, Agra Taj Colony, Mari Pur, Keemari, Baldia town and other out skirts areas of Karachi and still this act of barbarism is continued. While on the other hand the criminal elements of gang war are openly sending `Bhatta’ slips to the Karachi’s traders, industrialists, shopkeepers and other people of different business community. 
MQM MPAs further said that gang war were extorting money by giving threats of dire consequences of killing to the traders, industrialists, shopkeepers and businessmen.   Business community people are openly gunned down if they refuse to pay the extortion money.
A car dealer was killed few days back over his refusal to pay the extortion money. Even today the armed terrorists of the gang war sprayed bullets on the shopkeepers and passersby in Kharadar Karachi and killed many innocent citizens.
MQM founder and chief  Altaf Hussain and the whole leadership of the MQM is continuously raising its concern and voice over these atrocities to curb this act of terrorism , because it is not only harming the Karachi’s economy but also  damaging the economy of the whole country. But the provincial government is paying no heed over our appeals and taking no action.
The irony of this whole tragedy is that instead of providing protection to the innocent citizens from the criminal elements of the gang war, the Chief Minister Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah is criticizing our mourning and protest.
MQM MPAs said that Chief Minister Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah should take concrete and practical steps to curb the cause of terrorism in Karachi and stop this brutal killing in Karachi and provide life and property protection to all the traders, industrialists, shop keepers, peoples of business community and citizens of Karachi and strongly reconsider his policy and take action against the extortionists mafia who is causing severe harm to the economy of Karachi instead of criticizing MQM only.

5/24/2018 3:32:44 AM