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Water protest continues, MQM stages rally at KPC

Water protest continues, MQM stages rally at KPC
 Posted on: 5/23/2015
The Muttahida Quami Movement, a progressive, liberal and political party, has organized second of the series of the protests on water crisis in Sindh, especially in Karachi at Press Club.
Talking on the occasion, member of Coordination Committee and MNA Dr Farooq Sattar said that MQM consistently demanded the federal and PPP’s provincial government not to seize the rights of Karachiites but they did not bother to heed our request. He said that finally his party was compelled to opt the way of protest to register people’s demands, especially to provide water, gas and electricity.
Dr Farooq said that the protest on scarcity of water would continue not only to get sufficient water for the people but also to achieve the full autonomy for Karachiites. He said that Karachi had to pay additional taxes in the name of economic stability, maligned for peace and now being deprived of their fundamental rights and life’s basic necessities.
He said that Karachiites were punished for their love for MQM Chief Mr. Altaf Hussain by creating artificial shortage of water and undue laodsheddings of electricity and gas in city. He said that the political victimization caused Karachiites billions of rupees paying water and tanker mafias but MQM would raise its voice for the people on such discriminations.
Dr Farooq Sattar said that Karachi was already facing 450 million gallons natural shortage of water, while the Sindh government for the last seven years, did not take any appropriate measures to put a bridle on such a gigantic issue. He suggested the government to immediately react on the issue, otherwise there would be a certain riot on water crisis that might turn into the ethnic violence.
Member Coordination Committee Qamar Mansoor said that the elements propagated for the Parliament, justice and people seemed quit on seizer of Karachiites’ rights. He said that the city gave deserted-look but despite the MQM not a single political party raised its voice for the people though they claimed their stake in the city.
He said that the city merely received less than 2 percent what people paid to the federal and the provincial governments in taxes. He said that the analysts, journalists and writers became passive on Safoora tragedy culprits and nobody raised voice against them and their facilitators.
The rally was hugely participated by MQM’s workers and supporters, including members Coordination Committee, MNAs, MPAs and others. While the MNA Ali Raza Abidi, MPA Muhammad Dilawar and member of Central Executive Council Shama Munshi also addressed the rally.
The Parliamentary Leader in National Assembly Rashid Godel said that nearly 67 percent of the entire Sindh’s population lived in Karachi but the governments did not pay attention to the issues of the people. He said that in 2013 Budget Larkana received more amount than Karachi but the people of the city still seemed deprived.

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