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Altaf Hussain asks people at the helm of affairs to probe extra-judicial killings of MQM workers

Altaf Hussain asks people at the helm of affairs to probe extra-judicial killings of MQM workers
 Posted on: 6/14/2013
Bemoaning that the dirty game of extra-judicial killing of Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s workers has once again begun, the party chief Altaf Hussain demanded of the people at the helm of affairs to probe into the matter so as to know who are those people who were playing with the solidarity of the country by indulging in unconstitutional and inhumane acts. 
He was addressing a joint meeting of MQM’s members of Senate, National and Provincial assemblies over phone from London on Friday. The meeting was called to review the Federal Budget 2013-14 and it was also participated by members of MQM Coordination Committee, Pakistan whereas the Members of Coordination Committee, London took part via video link.
Describing MQM `an ideological movement’, Mr Hussain said that the party was established not for the personal gains but for the collective benefit of the masses.
He said that neither there was any room for the criminal elements nor for those who wanted to amass wealth through unlawful means in the party.
Declaring that the MQM was not his (Altaf Hussain) personal fiefdom, he said that the part was, in fact, trust of the people and its motto was to serve the people.
Deploring that the party was passing through a challenge, he said that all those who are prepared to render selfless service for the people by sticking to the party’s discipline could continue their journey in the movement’s caravan and those who could not do so might choose their own way.
He regretted that the innocent MQM workers and sympathizers who after their arrest by law-enforcement agencies during their `uncalled for’ and `unjust’ raids and cordoning off localities were shifted to unknown places and then extra-judicially killed after subjecting them to worst kind of terrorism for weeks and months.
Mr Hussiain said that all those elements who were killing MQM workers and sympathizers merciless were not causing any harm to the MQM, but they were, actually, harming the country’s solidarity and stability because all those States where innocent people are suppressed and killed extra-judicially without providing them justice did not remain there.
“Non-provision of justice amounted to oppression,” Mr Hussin said and in this regard he quoted Hazrat Ali (RA) saying that `Kufr Ki Hukumat to Chal Sakti Hai Laikin Zulm Ki Hukumat Nahi Chal Sakkti’.
On this occasion, the MQM chief asked the State and its institutions to immediately bring an end to the process of extra-judicial killing of MQM workers and thus save the country from being harmed.
At the outset, he exhorted the MQM legislators to review each aspect of the Federal Budget 2013-14 so as know which budgetary proposal were against the interest of the public and which would create more problems for the people, besides what measures would help solve the people’s problem.
He said that MQM being a people’s party must keep in view the people’s interest at any cost.

6/18/2018 6:17:24 PM