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MQM delegation meets KW&SB’s management on water issue

MQM delegation meets KW&SB’s management on water issue
 Posted on: 5/16/2015
A delegation of Muttahida Quami Movement led by member of Coordination Committee and MNA Kanwar Naveed Jameel and other Parliamentarians met with the Water Board authorities regarding acute scarcity of drinking water in the city and let the Water Board management to know about the ground situation.
The leader of the delegates Kanwar Naveed Jameel informed the Water Board management that the people complained regarding water supply management that even after 10 days of interval the supply yet not to be restored. He said that where the supply was restored the contaminated water was supplied and due to it, people had been suffering with disease.
The delegation said that the decision taken by Sindh government to provide water through water tankers enforced the Karachiites to live beyond decades. It demanded the government to immediately announce the K-4 Project of additional water supply to the Karachiites and remove all the hurdles to complete the plan.
Mr. Naveed said that the illegal connections continuously receiving water while people having legal connections were being deprived. He said that if the situation would prevail unchanged the people’s retaliations could not be controlled.
He said that if the city management could not provide water to the people, MQM would opt to go for legal action against the Water Board for scarcity and water theft. Meanwhile, the Chief Engineer of Water Board ensured the delegation to resolve all the complain on priority.
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