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MQM holds candlelight vigil for Safoora carnage victims

MQM holds candlelight vigil for Safoora carnage victims
 Posted on: 5/14/2015
The candlelight vigil was organized at Jinnah ground, Azizabad by Muttahida Quami Movement, the most liberal and anti-extremist party, to pay tribute to the unfortunate victims of Safoora Bus Carnage.
The programme was huge participated by people of various walks of life, especially by the members of Ismaili Community. The participants prayed Almighty Allah to confer high eternal ranks to the demises and give early and complete recovery for the injured. People participated in the candlelight vigil and laid flowers in the memories of the victims and paid rich homage to them.
Meanwhile, MQM Leader Dr Farooq Sattar said that the terrorism and extremism were the biggest challenge for Pakistan and its security agencies. He termed that the attack on Ismaili Community was the attack on Pakistan’s integrity and an attempt to demoralize the entire nation.
Dr Sattar said that the members of Ismaili Community was a peace-loving people and actively participated in the economic progress of the country and could never be neglected. He stated that only devising plans could not resolve the issues of terrorism and extremism but to implement the plan was more important. 
MQM’s Parliamentary Leader in National Assembly Rashid Godel said that the Safoora incident had happened to the people who founded and supplied the resources to the country. He said that the aim of the terrorists was to target the national unity and integrity by killing of innocent and peaceful people.
The Secretary General of Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists Amin Yousuf said that the tragic incident was an alarm for those who claimed the success of Karachi-operation. He said that it was the time to unit for the country or just to wait for the turn one by one to be killed.
Former President Karachi Press Club Imtiaz Khan Faran said that the entire nation shared the grief and sorrow with the Ismaili Community. He appreciated MQM and its leadership, especially Mr. Altaf Hussain for organizing such a needful programme to show solidarity with the grieving community.

6/19/2018 1:23:54 AM