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Terrorists have safe havens in Karachi: Dr Khalid Maqbool

Terrorists have safe havens in Karachi: Dr Khalid Maqbool
 Posted on: 5/14/2015
Terrorists want Karachi to descent into lawlessness and chaos: Khawaja Izharul Hassan
MQM welfare arm Khidmat-e-Khalq Foundation put up a camp at the Sakhi Hassan Graveyard today on the occasion of the burial of the victims of the Safoora Chowrangi massacre. Members of the MQM Co-ordination Committee Dr Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, Abdul Haseeb, Azeem Ahmed Farooqui and MNAs and MPAs were present at the camp.
The MQM leaders consoled the family members of the victims extended their sympathies.
Talking to the media outside the graveyard Dr Siddiqui said, “Killing of innocent people at Safoorah Chowrangi is a big tragedy and the terrorists involved in it have crossed all limits of barbarity.”
He thanked PM Nawaz Sharif for arriving in Karachi after the gruesome killings. “A lot needs to be done in Karachi in the light of real facts. What has happened yesterday should be sufficient to show the peril facing Karachi.”
“There is no need to hunt down terrorists as they have established safe havens. Karachi needs a well-planned and co-ordinated operation to crush the hydra of terrorism.”
He said, “The Safoora tragedy has exposed the performance of both the Sindh Government and the Federal Government. All claims of eliminating terrorism from Karachi have proved to be far-fetched.”
Dr Siddiqui expressed condolences on behalf of MQM leader Altaf Hussain to the members of the Ismaili community and families of the victims.
The leader of the Opposition in Sindh Assembly Khawaja Izharul Hassan said that the MQM shared the grief of the people who lost their loved ones in the gory attack on the bus. “The MQM stands shoulder to shoulder with the Ismaili community in their time of grief.”
He said that the Ismailis were a peaceful community, and they live peacefully throughout the world. “Terrorists want Karachi to descend into lawlessness and chaos by targeting the Ismaili community.”
Khawaja Izhar said that all political parties should sympathise with the bereaved families instead of resorting to political scoring.

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