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Ideological Movements Never Stop: Altaf Hussain

Ideological Movements Never Stop: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 6/9/2013 1
Founder and leader of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Mr. Altaf Hussain has said that the recent victory for MQM on PS-128 as a result of re-poll on six polling stations is the evidence that this milestone has been achieved by virtue of the sacrifices of martyrs and the hardworking of both workers and office bearers and that MQM is profoundly thankful to Almighty Allah on this success.
Mr. Hussain was addressing newly formed central coordination committee of Pakistan and London, Karachi Tanzeemi Committee, workers and office bearers of different wings of at MQM. He congratulated the winning candidate of MQM on PS-128 Waqar Shah and paid tribute to different organizing bodies within MQM including, coordination committees, Karachi Tanzeemi committee, Karachi Muzafati organizing committee, Punjabi Pakhtoon crganizing committee, Hazara organizing committee, women wing, workers and office bearers of Landhi sector, unit in charges and all people residing in PS-128 constituency.
Mr. Hussain mentioned that ups and downs are the part and parcel of every movement and though the process of re-organization is still in process and not completed, still with the efforts passion of newly elected bodies Allah has bestowed upon and granted this success. He categorically made the point that the recent success on PS-128 is also a proof that the  movement when intact ideologically, move on and do not get distracted and does not get an impact even if somebody leaves  or  departed from the movement.
On this occasion, Mr. Hussain also extended sympathies on the demise of MQM Ranchor Lane worker Waqas Ali who he said was martyred by the firing of terrorists. He also prayed to Allah for the departed soul and grant strength to the grieved family to endure this personal loss and that may MQM get more charged on this sacrifice.
Also, Mr. Hussain thanked the civil society, NGOs, and different women bodies for getting a hundred thousand signatures on a petition in favor of MQM that were sent to the Danish and the British governments.

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