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Martyr MQM worker Waqas Ali buried in the graveyard of Azizabad

Martyr MQM worker Waqas Ali buried in the graveyard of Azizabad
 Posted on: 6/8/2013 1
Funeral Pictures
The martyred MQM worker of Ranchor Lane Waqas Ali who was killed last night by the indiscriminate firing of the terrorists of the gang war was buried amidst moving scenes. The burial ceremony was attended by thousands of grieved people. His funeral was taken in the form of procession in the graveyard of Azizabad where the coffin was shouldered by the MQM Coordination Committee members Adil Khan, Ameen Ul Haq, Ahmed Salim Siddiqi, KTC in charge Dr. Nadeem Ahsan and other office bearers of the MQM. Waqas Ali funeral prayers were offered after Zohar prayers at Bara Imam Barh Gah which was attended by the late’s relatives and MQM Ranchor Lane members of sector, unit committees, office bearers and workers of MQM. Many moving sciences were observed on the occasion. Both the family members and workers of the MQM were mourning by hitting their chests.
The member of Coordination Committee Amin-Ul-Haq has strongly deplored the assassination of Waqas Ali by the terrorists of the gang war. He has demanded both the Chief justice of Pakistan and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to take the stern notice of the killings of MQM workers, office bearers and sympathisers of MQM by the terrorists of the gang war. He askedboth the higher authorities to give rid to the karachities and industrialists from the clutches of terrorist activities of the gang war. He expressed his views while giving the press briefing of to the representatives of media along with the late Waqas Ali’s old father and young brother Waqar Ali and members of Coordination Committee Adil Khan and SaleemSiddiqi. Amin-Ul-Haq said on the occasion that the recent active wave of terrorism against MQM is the clear indication of the fact that provincial Sindh government is directly or indirectly involved in these serious crimes. The terrorists’ activities were stepped up when Chief Minister Sindh visited terrorists of the Lyari who are involved in extortion, killing, kidnapping for ransom and other terrorists activities instead of visiting Quaid-E-Azam tomb soon after this oath taking ceremony as Chief Minister. Sindh government is completely responsible for the deteriorating law and order situation in Karachi who is not only patronizing the terrorists but also providing protection to them from law enforcement agencies. The law enforcement agencies seem helpless before the terrorists. The terrorists of gang war are brutally killing and targeting supporters of MQM. Amin-Ul-Haq appealed all the people sitting inside or outside the Assemblies to raise their voice against these atrocities by using their democratic right of protest. He also demanded Chief Justice of Pakistan to take Suo motto action against the terrorists of the gang war.

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