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Descendants of founders of Pakistan should not be called traitors: Altaf Hussain

Descendants of founders of Pakistan should not be called traitors: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 5/13/2015
I will continue to lead the MQM till my last breath
MQM Founder and Leader Altaf Hussain has said the loyalty of descendants of creators of Pakistan should not be questioned. “They should not be called traitors. If India, USA or any other country tried to destroy Pakistan, the MQM would stand shoulder to shoulder with the Pakistan Army.”
“Everyone has to taste death and I will continue to lead the MQM till my last breath. MQM is the representative party of forty million people and no worldly power other than Allah can finish it.”
He expressed these views while addressing General Workers Meeting of the MQM in Karachi and other cities including Lahore, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Quetta, and Naseerabad on thetelephone. 
Mr Hussain said that MQM was working for integrity and security of Pakistan. “MQM wants to eliminate the outdated feudal system from the country. It has been accused of baseless and concocted allegations for the past 37 years. Thousands of MQM workers have been martyred because of their struggle. Thousands had to go to jails, and several MQM workers went missing after being arrested.”
“Despite all the difficulties, people made MQM successful in the by-election for NA – 246 on 23 April 2015 and proved that the allegations made against the MQM were false.”

Isolation and Criminalization
Mr Hussain said when a nation was to be isolated, negative propaganda is done against it to separate it from other communities. Life is made difficult for them. When this nation raises their voice for their rights, negative propaganda is started, and the process of criminalization is startedin order to mislead the world. This is done to malign those who raise their voice for their rights as a band of criminals. They are also accused of enmity to their country.”

Banning Addresses by PEMRA
Mr Hussain said that his addresses could be banned by PEMRA. “We will find new ways to contact the people if the addresses are blocked on television channels. We will continue our peaceful struggle.
“The Establishment and Army are angry with me because they feel that I have spoken ill of the Army. I ask the ISPR to obtain the audio cassette of my address made on 1st May and find for themselves as to what I have said about the Army.”
“I cannot even think of speaking against the Army. I respect the Army even today. I had only said in my speech that abusive language is used during the raids at the homes of MQM workers. The family members are told that they are Indian agents or RAW’s agents. Why did you come to Pakistan?This is not your country. You should go back to India.”
Mr Hussain said he was forced to leave his colleagues back in 1992 when baseless allegations were made against the MQM. “Those who ran a smear campaign against the MQM are living with their children while I am living in exile for the past 25 years away from my family.”
“I had asked in my speech that you accuse us of being agents of RAW. Do you want to push us in getting help from them? It is my question.”
“Why do you accuse us of being agent of a country against which our forefathers struggled to get Pakistan? They rendered immortal sacrifices, suffered great injustices but remain steadfast in their demand for Pakistan.”
Mr Hussain said a TV anchor had imputed Altaf Hussain has said in his speech that they will snatch sticks, uniforms and medals of army people. This is an utter lie. I had said if our forefathers had not sacrificed their children for Pakistan and given all types of sacrifices, Pakistan would have been created and no one would have a stick or any medal.”
“I was called a traitor when I had said that former army chief Gen Ashfaq Pervez Kyani and former chief justice Iftakhar Chaudhry were involved in the conspiracy against General Pervez Musharraf. I had said that Gen Kyani should also be arrested and placed in a room adjacent to where Gen Musharraf was detained.”
“Today these anchor persons are openly saying that Gen Kyani and chief justice Iftakhar Chaudhry had done a great loss to Pakistan.”
“I want to make it clear that I will not talk about leaving the party leadership even if thousands of groups are created in the MQM or my telephonic addresses are banned.”

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