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MQM legislators demand an end to illegal occupation of Katchchi community’s homes

MQM legislators demand an end to illegal occupation of Katchchi community’s homes
 Posted on: 6/4/2013 1
Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s Haq Parast Members of National Assembly said here on Tuesday that Sindh government by patronizing the outlawed People’s Amn Committee’s terrorists was usurping the citizens’ basic human rights.
In a joint statement issued here on Tuesday, the Haq Parast MNAs said that the terrorists belonging to the so-called People’s Amn Committee had not only made the lives of MQM workers and its sympathizers miserable, but had also badly affected the lives of people belonging to different walks of life.
Deploring over the so-called Amn Committee’s armed terrorists’ heinous crime of killing MQM’s Karachi Tanzeemi (Organisational) Committee’s Mauripur Sector Member, Mohammad Babar, in the latter’s house, the MNAs said that it was shocking to note that although the same armed terrorists were openly targeting and harassing Haq Parast people so as to punish them for casting their votes in favour of Muttahida’s candidates, Sindh government was patronizing the terrorists, instead of protecting lives and properties of the citizens.
They said that one the one hand, the Lyari’s Katchchi community in the wake of the so-called Amn Committee’s armed terrorists acts of killing was being compelled to shift to other parts of the city and, on the other, the abandoned houses of the Katchchi community were being illegally occupied and turned into the hideouts of the armed terrorists.
“Isn’t an irony that when the affected families of the Katchchi community informed the police and administration about the armed terrorists’ act of occupying their houses, they refused to help them,” the MNA remarked, saying that such a callousness on the part of police and the administration was a clear proof that the Sindh government was not only patronizing the terrorists but had also given them license to kill and loot the citizens at their whim.
They demanded of the people at the helm of affairs to take immediate notice of illegal occupation of Katchchi community’s houses, retrieve them from the clutches of armed terrorists, besides taking legal action against the armed terrorists.
The MNAs also appealed to the human rights organizations to take notice of violation of human rights being committed under the patronage of Sindh government and raise their voice against such inhuman acts.         

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