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It seems as if Lyari gang war has been given license to destroy the city’s economy: MQM

It seems as if Lyari gang war has been given license to destroy the city’s economy: MQM
 Posted on: 6/4/2013 1
Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s Coordination Committee has strongly condemned the Lyari gang war’s increasing incidents of kidnapping for ransom and extortion from industrialists, traders and shop-keepers.
In a statement issued here on Tuesday, the Coordination Committee deplored that the trend of kidnapping for ransom and extortion by Lrayi gang war’s terrorists of the so-called People’s Amn Committee that was created and nurtured during the tenure of previous People’s Party government was still continuing unabated under the official patronage and as result of which a number of traders and industrialists business had already shifted their business in other cities and abroad.
The Industrialists, traders and well-to-do people have once again started receiving extortion `Parchi’ (slips) from criminal elements belonging to Lyari gang war immediately after PPP government came in to power in Sindh, the Committee said, adding that initially the menace of extortion slips was confined to Shershah Market, Marble Market, Jodia Bazaar, Boultan Market, Jamia Cloth Market and several other different markets located in and around Saddar, Mereweather Tower, M A Jinnah Road, but now the traders, shop-keepers and owners of wedding halls of different localities had started receiving extortion slips on behalf of terrorists of Lyari gang war.
Elaborating, the Coordination Committee said that owners of North Nazimabad’s wedding halls had received extortion slips whereby each of them had been asked to pay Rs50,00,000, or else they would killed be mercilessly.
Voicing its concern over such an alarming situation, the Committee said that it seemed as if the Sindh government had given license to the terrorists of Lyari gang war to indulge in criminal acts and destroy the city’s economy.
It regretted that though the government was openly patronizing the criminal elements of the Lyari gang war, the police and law-enforcement agencies seemed quite helpless in this regard.
The Committee demanded of the people at the helm of affairs to take immediate action against the terrorists of Lyari gang war who are openly indulging in extortion and the heinous crime of kidnapping for ransom and, thus help save the city’s economy from being destroyed completely.

7/16/2018 7:49:58 AM