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MQM Co-ordination Committee expresses about the life of KTC member Ayaz Hassan

MQM Co-ordination Committee expresses concern about the life of KTC member Ayaz Hassan
 Posted on: 6/3/2013 1
Ayaz Hassan was arrested by personnel of some unknown government agency near Sohrab Goth
The Co-ordination Committee of Muttahida Quami Movement has appealed to the authorities to take immediate action for saving the life of member of the Karachi Tanzeemi Committee Ayaz Hassan. The committee said that Ayaz Hassan was going from Karachi to meet his son who studies in a cadet college in Saghar in a hired car. One of his friends was also travelling with him. He was intercepted by plain clothed personnel of an unknown government agency a short distance from Soharab Goth sometime in the afternoon. He was identified and taken to an unknown location. The driver was later on released in a deserted area.
The Co-ordination Committee said eight MQM workers were already missing after being abducted by law-enforcing agencies. Some workers have been missing for many months now but no government agency has bothered to confirm their arrest.
The Co-ordination Committee said that there were serious concerns about the life of Ayaz Hassan keeping in view the extrajudicial killing of Ajmal Beg who was the unit in-charge of Burns Road Sector. The committee feared that the personnel of the government agency could harm the life of Ayaz Hassan as well.
The Co-ordination Committee appealed to powers to take notice of the illegal and unlawful arrest of KTC member Ayaz Hassan by plain clothed personnel. They called for urgent steps to protect the life of Ayaz Hassan.

7/17/2018 5:03:57 AM