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Altaf Hussain urges MQM legislators to serve masses without discrimination

Altaf Hussain urges MQM legislators to serve masses without discrimination
 Posted on: 5/28/2013
Muttahida Qaumi Movement chief Altaf Hussain on Tuesday exhorted the newly-elected Haq Parast parliamentarians of his party that it was their national obligation to serve the country without any discrimination.
He also asked them to serve the people of their respective electoral constituencies irrespective of their caste, creed, language, political and religious affiliation and ensure that justice was provided to all, or else they would lose any right to represent them.
Mr Hussain was speaking at a special meeting of the MQM’s Senators and the newly-elected members of National and Sindh assemblies at Khursheed Begum Secretariat, Azizabad. Members of MQM Coordination Committee and Karachi Tanzeemi (Organisational) Committee were also present on the occasion.
Felicitating the newly-elected MNAs and MPAs, the MQM chief said that although prior to the elections all measures which were aimed at rigging the polls were taken against the party, the MQM’s sincere office-bearers and workers, especially the Haq Parast people, undeterred with the repeated announcements made through the media that Taliban would keep the MQM, People’s Party and the Awami National Party away from the electioneering process, foiled all such conspiracies.
Listing other unconstitutional and unlawful measures that were taken prior to the polls, Mr Hussain said that on the one hand, delimitation of constituencies was carried out in Karachi alone without undertaking mandatory population census while, on the other hand, verification of voters lists in Karachi on a demand was carried under the supervision of Army.
Elaborating, he said that despite all such obstacles, the MQM emerged victorious by the grace of Almighty Allah as well as because untiring efforts and day and night hard work of the party’s uncorrupt office-bearers and workers.
He said that soon after the elections, the MQM had to pass through another trying period but he was thankful to the Almighty Allah that the party succeeded in foiling the conspiracy against the movement merely because of sincere workers and Haq Parasts’ unity.
 “Today I can proudly say that that the Haq Parasts’ movement after going through the most difficult and trying period has now emerged stronger than it was before”, he said, adding that public confidence enjoyed by MQM today had never been so overwhelming.
Mr Hussain said that though the party’s Coordination Committee and Karachi Tanzeemi Committee after being disbanded had be reorganized, but they bodies were still incomplete and hoped that the process or re-organisation would be completed soon.
Moreover, the process of re-organising MQM’s different departments, wings and divisions would also be accomplished shortly, he added.
 Voicing his concern over rising trend of cheating in examinations, the MQM chief urged the Haq Parast parliamentarians to play their role in curbing the menace of cheating in exams.
He also asked the newly-elected members of Sindh Assembly thay they should not only strive to get the bill of Hyderabad University passed from the Assembly but do their utmost for opening new universities, colleges and schools in the province.
Mentioning about weaknesses of human beings, he said that it was but natural that everybody whether a man or a woman wished to wear expensive clothes and watches, jewellery and shoes merely to satisfy his/her desires but one must know that if expensive goods were lost, they could be achieved again but once a human being was separated it was not be found again. He said though the people love their parents but the actual love was felt only when they remained no more in this world, he added.
At the outset, Mr Hussain asked the Coordination Committee to regularly review the performance of elected representatives and a committee be formed in this regard which should meet every month to review their performance and a report of the same be sent to him (Mr Hussain). He also asked the Coordination Committee to ensure that the elected representatives performed satisfactorily.

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