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Law-enforcing agencies are carrying out illegal arrests of MQM workers and subjecting them to brutal torture in captivity: Amir Khan

Law-enforcing agencies are carrying out illegal arrests of MQM workers and subjecting them to brutal torture in captivity: Amir Khan
 Posted on: 5/28/2013
MQM assures full cooperation for restoring a durable peace in Karachi but action should be taken by force of law
Addressing a Press Conference in Khursheed Begum Secretariat of the MQM in Azizabad, member of the Co-ordination Committee Amir Khan said that the law-enforcing agencies were carrying out unlawful arrests of MQM workers and subjecting them to brutal torture in captivity. He said that plainclothesman were abducting MQM workers from various parts of Karachi in white double cabin vehicles.
Mr Khan said that the MQM workers are taken to unknown locations and their whereabouts are not disclosed to their family members even for months. They are subjected to inhuman physical torture and handed down to police after implicating them in fabricated cases such as possession of illegal weapons and contraband items.
Mr Khan said that Ajmal Beg s/o Imtiaz Beg, in-charge of unit 24 of Burns Road Sector of the MQM was arrested near a mosque in Railway Colony area of Karachi. According to eyewitnesses and reports published in a section of press, rangers personnel were also present at the time of arrest.
Mr Khan said that Ajmal Beg was subjected to inhuman torture in illegal detention due to which his condition deteriorated. He was not given medical attention despite his critical condition and involved in a concocted case of possessing an illegal weapons and finally sent to jail.
The jail authorities did not give any medical help to Ajaml Beg due to which his condition failed resulting in loss of breath. He was ultimately shifted to Civil Hospital where succumbed to his injuries and breathed his last.
Mr Khan said that the death of Ajmal Beg was a clear-cut case of extrajudicial murder as his life could be saved by giving timely medical attention. He denounced the murder of Ajmal Beg and said that the personnel involved in it should be brought before law and given exemplary punishment.
In a separate incident a worker of Unit UC - 5 of Ranchore Line Sector was kidnapped by the criminals of Amn Committee and tortured. He was asked to leave his home within twenty days.
Mr Khan declared that nine other workers of the MQM also went missing from different parts of Karachi in similar circumstances and their whereabouts could not be traced. He said that if anyone was accused of any wrongdoing or criminal act, they should be dealt with in accordance with the law of the land.
The missing workers include Faheem Riaz s/o Riazul Haque, Farooq Ahmed s/o Zahoor Ahmed, Zeeshan Gul s/o Muneer Gul, Osman Ahmed s/o Ahmed Ali, Saeed s/o Muhammad Hanif, Aftab s/o Syed Amanat Hussain Shah, Muhammad Asif s/o Abdul Basit, Waqaruddin s/o Mukhtaruddin and Muhammad Aslam s/o Abdul Wakeel.
The MQM workers were being arrested in utter disregard of the due process of law which was available to every citizen of the country. The inalienable right of defence was being denied to MQM workers as they were arrested, tortured and killed in utter violation of law.
Mr Khan assured full cooperation from the MQM for restoring a durable peace in Karachi but demanded that action should for this purpose be taken by the force of law as the situation may compound by illegal actions.
Mr Khan said it was ironical that the MQM workers were being made to suffer illegal arrests, detentions and torture while hardened criminals and terrorists of Lyari gang war were roaming freely demanding extortion money from members of the business community. Kidnappings for ransom were on the rise but nothing was being done to stop it.
Other members of the Co-ordination Committee present in the press conference included Haider Abbas Rizvi, Dr Sagheer Ahmed, Kunwar Naveed Jamil, Nasreen Jalil, Wasay Jalil, Mian Ateeq, Aslam Shah Afreedi, Khalid Sultan, Adil Khan and Yousuf Shahwani.

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