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I will not relinquish party leadership in future under any condition: Altaf Hussain

I will not relinquish party leadership in future under any condition: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 5/2/2015 1
I will continue to lead the party to my last breath
MQM Founder and Leader Altaf Hussain has said that he will not leave the party leadership in future under any condition.
“I will continue to lead the party to my last breath. Whatever the circumstances may be, and whatever be the level of negligence of party office-bearers, I will continue to lead the party and not think about leaving the party leadership.”
He said this while talking to a gathering on the telephone in Houston in United States in connection with the celebration of victory in NA – 246 by-election and the cantonment boards elections.
Speaking to the audience that included men, women, children and the elderly, Mr Hussain said, “MQM workers and sympathisers were subjected to different atrocities for breaking their determination. We persevered, and the MQM obtained a thumping victory in the NA – 246 by-election and cantonment boards elections by the Grace of Almighty Allah.”
“Propaganda has been unleashed on the pretext of one of my speeches. I am hearing that cases will be registered against me and that orders have been given to television channels to stop broadcasting my addresses.”
“Although I did not vilify the armed forces or sought any help from RAW, yet I apologised to the people and the institutions. But if they want to proceed against me under Article 6 of the Constitution or ban the MQM, they may do so. They cannot break my bond with the people. It will remain unbreakable.”
Mr Hussain said, “I have decided that I will not leave the party leadership under any circumstances. I will continue my struggle for the deprived and disadvantaged people of the country.”
“Various political leaders used highly objectionable language against the armed forces, but no action was taken. JI Amir refused to recognise the soldiers, who are laying down their lives in the war against terrorism, as martyrs. He instead termed Taliban as martyrs, but nothing happened.”
“When Nawaz Sharif was in jail after being deposed, his son wrote a letter to the Indian Prime Minister for help. No action was taken, and Nawaz Sharif is again in power.”
“Imran Khan used highly derogatory remarks against army generals. The video clipping is on the social media, but it was also ignored.”
“Former Governor Punjab Mustafa Khar had talked about coming to Pakistan on Indian tanks. He is an honourable man even today while I am hearing about registration of a case against me under Article 6.”
Mr Hussain said that new provinces or administrative units are made throughout the world because of increase in population in order to improve governance. “When I talked about creating new provinces on public demand, I was called a traitor.”
He said that the MQM is the only liberal, progressive and enlightened political party in Pakistan that considers all citizens, belonging to any religion, caste or creed, as Pakistanis of equal status.
“The MQM believes in giving equal rights to everyone irrespective of their race, colour, language, gender, ethnicity, sect and religion. It wants to bring in a system that is based on merit on not on nepotism.”
Mr Hussain said every effort was being made to crush a liberal political party like the MQM by declaring a traitor.
He told the audience that our courage and determination would remain unshaken in the face of gross injustices and vitriolic propaganda.
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