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Courtesy Geo News: MQM to take SSP Malir’s allegations to court

Courtesy Geo News: MQM to take SSP Malir’s allegations to court
 Posted on: 4/30/2015
KARACHI: Lashing out at SSP Malir Rao Anwar for hurling ‘baseless, fake and absurd’ allegations at the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), Haider Abbas Rizvi on Thursday night vowed to take the matter to the court.
Speaking at a press conference, Rizvi, flanked by Rabita Committee members, said that masses specially the residents of NA-246 constituency have given a massive mandate to the MQM, expressing their confidence in the party.
The mandate in the recently concluded by-poll ruled out all ‘baseless and fake allegations’ against the MQM, he added.
He said today’s press conference has reminded them of the 90’s era, in which according to him the MQM was pushed against the wall.
The MQM leader said that dismissing these ‘absurd allegations’ alone would not resolve this issue anymore. “People of Pakistan will have to understand the secret political drama behind this,” he added.
Rizvi said Tahir alias Lamba was arrested on February 26 rather than yesterday as posed in the press conference by the SSP Malir. He also presented a copy of a petition filed by Tahir’s mother following his arrest on the occasion.
He said the whole episode was an apparent attempt to sideline the MQM politically. “For how long will these baseless and absurd allegations be hurled at MQM, the third biggest political force of the country?” he questioned.
“What is the motive behind this press conference… who is the beneficiary?”
Rizvi reiterated the Rabita Committee’s full confidence in Altaf Hussain’s leadership.
Speaking on the occasion, Dr Farooq Sattar termed SSP Malir Rao Anwar’s press conference a pack of lies by an officer of a junior rank.
Courtesy Geo News

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