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Victory gives clear message, MQM couldn’t be eliminated by suppression: Altaf Hussain

Victory gives clear message, MQM couldn’t be eliminated by suppression: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 4/28/2015
The founder and leader of Muttahida Quami Movement Mr. Altaf Hussain said that the success in by-election and Cantonment Boards’ elections was a clear message for the people who wished to eliminate MQM from the national scenario and it was proven that MQM could not be perished.
Talking to the members of Coordination Committee and office-bearers of various wings at Nine-Zero, the MQM Chief enthusiastically felicitated and appreciated over the victories in the current elections. He said that the people cast their votes for MQM to make it successful despite all the hurdles.
Mr. Hussain said that the prejudicial elements kept conspiring against MQM, should now admit the reality and should abandon the policy to damage MQM. He said that the opponents should also stop devising minus-one formula to accept MQM for solidarity, integrity and stability of the country.
He said that accepting MQM was the only solution to resolve various issues created by the discriminating elements. He said that MQM had its own system of scrutiny and accountability and if the law enforcement agencies had the solid evidence against any of the MQM’s workers, they should share it with the party so that the party could take disciplinary actions against the culprits.
MQM Chief said that extra-judicial killings and brutal torture during the detention should be avoided and LEAs should let the court to decide the fate of the people who are under investigation. He stressed MQM’s office-bearers and workers to stay away from all the illegal activities and behave gently with the people.
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7/23/2018 6:41:53 AM