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The Establishment should accept the MQM mandate with an open heart: Altaf Hussain

The Establishment should accept the MQM mandate with an open heart: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 4/24/2015
MQM Founder and Leader Altaf Hussain has asked the Pakistani Establishment to accept the MQM’s mandate with an open heart. “The Establishment should accept that the MQM is a patriotic political party and end its unwarranted acrimony. MQM is ready to work with you shoulder to shoulder for defending the country.”
He invited JI, PTI and all other political forces to forgo disputes and work together for the country as we were all equal citizens of the country.
He expressed these views while addressing a huge gathering of people in Jinnah Ground Azizabad, who were celebrating the magnificent victory of the MQM in the by-election to NA – 246.
Referring to various newspaper reports about the conduct of by-election Mr Hussain said, “It has been published in most of the newspapers as to how the Rangers personnel interfered in the election process and outstepped their authority. The Rangers were given the power to punish others, but no one can take action against Rangers for their wrongdoing.”
“According to these reports the Rangers harassed the voters and created hurdles due to which a large number of voters could not cast their votes.”
“Polling started very late at many polling stations. We cried hoarse to extend the polling time by two hours, but it was not done.”
Mr Hussain said that the PTI had initially supported the demand for extending the polling time but at the suggestion of the umpire opposed it later on.
“The JI was facing difficulties from the very beginning and hence they strongly opposed any extension in the polling time.”
Mr Hussain declared that the MQM would have polled two lack votes if the polling time was increased.
He paid glowing tributes to the people who braved all hardships and difficulties and proved by casting over 95 thousand votes that their hearts still throbbed with the MQM. He praised the people for their extraordinary courage and determination.
“People have shown by giving a magnificent victory to the MQM that the drama being played by the Establishment had flopped miserably.”
“The Establishment had accused the MQM of stealing NATO weapons and terrorism besides numerous other allegation, but the people exonerated MQM of all charges.”
“Despite the hindrances created by the Rangers and the harassment, the Elderly people, women, and youths of Karachi have shown beyond doubt that they were a brave nation having no parallel.”
Mr Hussain said that the prejudiced elements who were propagating that the graph of MQM had fallen had been proved utterly wrong by the result of the by-election.
Mr Hussain said he respected JI. “I had asked JI to withdraw their candidate, but they did not listen to me and ultimately their deposit money was forfeited.”
“I had tried to persuade the PTI also but they did not listen to me.”
“I invite JI, PTI and all other opposition parties to come and serve the country by forgetting differences.”
Mr Hussain also invited former President Asif Zardari, and the PPP leadership join hands for serving the urban and rural areas of Sindh.
He said, “Although CM Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah takes notice of issues but he is unable to do anything about them. He says he does not have the power to lift the ban on pillion riding. Whom should we complain if the CM of the province says that he does not have the power to recruit local people in the police force and creating employment opportunities for people of Karachi?”
Mr Hussain said that the Prime Minister, Federal and Provincial ministers, Governors and Chief Ministers should resign their office if they say they do not have the power to do anything.
Mr Hussain said that all those in rulers in whose tenure extrajudicial killings were done should at least apologize to the nation if they could not take any action against the people responsible for it.
Mr Hussain said that deprivations of people of Karachi were increasing and they were getting united and demanding to make Karachi a province. Hence Karachi should be made a province.
“In the same manner Hyderabad, Sukkur and Mirpurkhas should also be made into another province.”
“Southern Punjab and Seraiki belt should also be converted into a new province in the same manner.”
“A Hazara province should also be made. Gilgit-Baltistan should also be given the status of a province. All those areas in Punjab, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa where people were demanding provinces, their wishes and aspirations should be fulfilled.”
Mr Hussain demanded that the Local Government system should be restored without any delay.
He paid tributes to the analysts who gave voice to the sentiments of the people during the by-election. He also thanked columnists who were forced to leave the country for speaking the truth.
Mr Hussain praised the young people who brought elderly people for casting votes.
He also thanked religious scholars of all shades of thought and the public for supporting the MQM in the by-election.
He also paid workers of different wings of the MQM martyrs of the MQM.
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