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By-election success People reject propaganda, media trial against MQM: Altaf Hussain

By-election success People reject propaganda, media trial against MQM: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 4/24/2015
LONDON, 24-04-2015: The founder and leader of Muttahida Quami Movement, Mr. Altaf Hussain said that the people of Liaqatabad and Federal-B Area have given the verdict in favour of MQM in NA-246 by-elections and rejected all the false allegations and media trial.
Talking to the participants who thronged at Jinnah ground in Azizabad to celebrate MQM’s fabulous victory in NA-246, MQM Chief said the by-elections’ win had once again proven that Karachiites and MQM are inseparable. He demanded to accept MQM’s mandate and stop trying to crush and should accept MQM.
Mr. Hussain also thanked Almighty Allah for conferring such an excellent success despite all the hurdles and praised Him. He said that no conspiracy could be successful in front of God’s will and the result of NA-246 reflected the Allah’s desire.
He said that the opponents used all the tactics but Allah gives us a convincing victory against the powerful state machinery. He said some malicious elements kept trying to propagate that Altaf Hussan and MQM had almost lost their grip among the masses.
MQM Chief said that people and Altaf Hussain had spiritual relations and no worldly force could break the tie. He said that the people neither accepted minus-one formula nor agreed to be separated from MQM.
He said that in the name of Karachi-operation, MQM’s workers and supporters were being targeted and alienated. He said that the Rangers raided Nine-Zero, my elder sister’s home and Khursheed Begum Secretariat, besides the house to house search and hundreds of workers were arrested.
Mr. Hussain said that such tactics could not demoralize MQM’s workers and just before the NA-246 by-elections, a panic was created to indi people. He said that the section 144 was imposed in the District Central and only Karachiites were ordered to keep their CNICs along with them.
MR. Hussain said that the illegal weapons were all over the country but the law enforcement agencies directed Karachiites to submit their weapons or face 14 years of sentence. He said that the Rangers’ personnel were deputed in and out of the polling stations of the constituency to create harassment among the people.
MQM Chief said that despite all the hurdles, difficulties and oppression, MQM’s supporters still showed the exhibited extraordinary courage to carry on their struggle against the discriminatory forces. He enthusiastically appreciated his workers and supporters and said that he is proud of them.
He said that during the by-elections the elderly people also came out to vote for MQM despite their disabilities to move freely. He said that he saluted their sprit and enthusiasm for the MQM and their nation. He said that the victory came because of the martyrs, especially Syed Waqas Shah, who shed their blood but never abandoned the cause.
Mr. Hussain also remembered his detained workers who had been inhumanly tortured in the custody but they still spread the message of the party’s philosophy. He also saluted the workers who had been working day and night to achieve the success and congratulated MQM’s candidate Kanwar Naveed Jameel for the victory.
He also congratulated Jamaat-e-Islami and Pakistan Tehreeh-e-Insaf for conducting an enthusiastic and active election campaign. He said that the leaderships of these parties always falsely blamed MQM and even one of the leaders said the Karachiites were senseless.
MQM Chief said newly-elected Member of National Assembly Kanwar Naveed Jameel to serve the people of his constituency without any discrimination. He said that he was not only the MNA of Mohajirs but also the representative of Punjabis, Sindhis, Pakhtoons, Balochs, Hazarewals, Gilgil-Baltistanis and Saraikis.
He said that the parties rejected by the people of NA-246 during the by-elections should know that they could not conquer people by abusing, accusing and calling their names but to serve. He said that Karachi needed water, sanitation, electricity and other fundamentals.
Mr. Hussain said that the K-4 plan to provide clean drinking water to Karachiites suffered undue delay by the government. He demanded the government and authorities to immediately complete K-4 project to provide water to the people who had been suffering water crisis.

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