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MQM’s victory margin minimized by delaying electoral process

MQM’s victory margin minimized by delaying electoral process
 Posted on: 4/23/2015
KARACHI, 23-04-2015: The member of Coordination Committee Dr Farooq Sattar said that the hurdles were created to minimize our victory margin in NA-246 by-elections and demanded to speed up the polling process because the turnout was phenomenal.
Talking to the media persons at a press conference, MQM leader said that despite the scorching sun throughout the day, the voters came out of their homes and voted for MQM. He said that there were some incidents to stop the voters to cast their votes in some of the polling stations by the Rangers’ personnel.
Dr Sattar also demanded to depute women police constables in women polling stations and the male personnel should be transferred to the male polling stations. He said that the election’s codes of conduct should be followed not only by the contestants but also by the management, especially the Rangers’ personnel deputed in the polling stations.
He enthusiastically appreciated the people of the constituency who came out to make the electoral process successful and their standing with MQM seemed invincible. He demanded to the Election Commission, management, and the law enforcement agencies to make sure to let all the voters to cast their votes who came to the polling stations.
Dr Farooq said that MQM’s candidate Kanwar Naveed Jameel was stopped to enter into a polling station then how could a voter enter into it. He asked the question that undue delay in electoral process could harm the MQM’s victory margin and they communicated with the DG Rangers on the issue and said that the delay in the name of verification could make the electoral process suspicious.
He also demanded to extend the polling process at least three hours so all the voters could easily cast their votes. He demanded to the Election Commission, Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah, DG Rangers Sindh Bilal Akbar and the management to remove the entire hurdles that they are impacting the electoral process.
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