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The MQM is the softest target, always blamed: Wasay Jalil -Express Tribune

The MQM is the softest target, always blamed: Wasay Jalil -Express Tribune
 Posted on: 5/24/2012
KARACHI:  Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader Wasay Jalil has countered the allegation that the MQM was involved in the attack on an Awami Tehreek rally against a Mohajir province.

“The MQM is the softest target – even if there were a tsunami, the MQM will be blamed for it,” he told The Express Tribune on Wednesday. “We have always been cleared of any allegation against us in a court of law. We have kept our offices closed so that there is no problem.”He said that Tuesday’s events had to be seen in the context of the “derogatory statements” being made during the past few days by people like Ayaz Palijo who have “no elected representation”. “This rally was being held in an area where the police were not able to enter for 10 days to do an operation, where sophisticated weapons were found. Who do you think was able to fire on people in that area?” Jalil said. He noted that Palijo had said that they had been able to “block roads in Sindh after Benazir Bhutto’s assassination.” “Statements like these make it clear who is loyal to Sindh and who isn’t,” he said. “Even the provincial government was unable to do anything while people were killed, cars burned and shops looted.” When asked about the role of the PML-N, Jalil said the party couldn’t be blamed because the statements weren’t made by its top leadership. “We didn’t see any of their actual representatives like Ghous Ali Shah or Saleem Zia. We saw Marvi Memon, who actually has no standing of her own. She has been following her own agenda and making these provocative statements and is sowing the seeds of hatred in Sindh.”

5/23/2018 3:46:21 AM