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MQM has not taken any final decision on joining the government or sitting in the opposition

MQM has not taken any final decision on joining the government or sitting in the opposition
 Posted on: 5/25/2013
A point raised by Altaf Hussain was explained ambiguously which gave rise to the impression that the MQM has taken a decision on the issue of joining the government
The Information Department of the MQM has said that the Founder and Leader of Muttahida Quami Movement Mr Altaf Hussain had given an analysis on the quest for power and the changes in human behaviour in the light of the history of the MQM while talking to the provisional co-ordination committee, the dissolved co-ordination committee and office-bearers of various wings of the party. The press release issued by the information department carried one point of the arguments of Mr Hussain in an ambiguous manner quoting it out of context, which gave rise to the impression that the MQM had taken a final decision on the issue of joining or not joining the coming government.
The press note issued by the Information Department says that the address of Mr Hussain was based on historical and academic analysis, and it had nothing to do with the current and future policy of the MQM. Mr Hussain was only analysing the underlying causes that brought a change in the outlook of some office-bearers and workers since the inception of APMSO in 1978.
Mr Hussain wanted to convey that power and retention of powerful offices for long periods of time tend to transform an individual into a different mould. He cited the example of the corrupt political culture in which people rarely see their representatives after elections.
He had said that priorities of people tend to change when they come in power. The atmosphere in the corridors of power colours their attitude, and they detached from public. Power makes a person easy-going, and hence they do not like to travel in buses with common people after becoming MNAs and MPAs.
He had said that every individual in the movement should discharge his responsibilities honestly. They should know that fulfilment of a joy ripens into a new one and hence moderation should be exercised to restrain uncontrolled desires.
According to the press note, the MQM has not taken any decision about joining the new government or sitting on the opposition benches. All options in this regard are open a decision will be taken in the light of the majority opinions of workers and public.

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