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MQM rejects re-polling in 43 stations of NA – 250 as unconstitutional and undemocratic

MQM rejects re-polling in 43 stations of NA – 250 as unconstitutional and undemocratic
 Posted on: 5/17/2013
The Co-ordination Committee decides to boycott the re-polling at 43 stations depriving over 70 per cent of the electorate of their right to vote

Muttahida Quami Movement has rejected the decision of the Election Commission of Pakistan to hold re-polling on only forty three polling stations falling in the constituencies NA – 250, PS – 112 and PS – 113 as unconstitutional, illegal, undemocratic, unjust and unethical.

Addressing a Press Conference at Khursheed Begum Secretariat, member of the Co-ordination Committee Raza Haroon announced the decision taken by the MQM to boycott the so-called re-polling on forty three polling stations depriving more than 70 percent electorate of their right to vote. Members of the Co-ordination Committee Wasay Jalil, Irshad Kamali and MQM candidates from NA – 250, PS – 112 and PS – 113 were also present on the occasion.

The decision to boycott the re-polling was taken in a joint meeting of the Co-ordination Committee in London and Pakistan.

Mr Haroon said that a conspiracy was hatched before the holding of the general elections to steal the mandate of the MQM but Mr Altaf Hussain decided that the MQM would take full part in elections and frustrate all conspiracies by the mandate of the people.

He said that the polling in NA – 250 and the two provincial constituencies falling in it was deliberately delayed. It was the responsibility of the DRO and RO to ensure that the polling material and polling staff reach at the stations on time, but they failed to perform their duty. The failure of the election commission was blamed on the MQM.

Mr Haroon asked under which law the polling material, containing ballot papers and ballot boxes, was handed to a candidate for delivering to the polling stations. He declared that this single act had made the entire election process as dubious because the contesting candidate entrusted with the polling material could have stamped the ballot papers in his favour.

He said that the PTI candidate Dr Alvi addressed the voters within the premises of the polling station which was clear violation of the code of conduct and rules of the election commission of Pakistan, but no action was taken against him.

Dr Alvi showed stamps of the election commission in a TV programme saying that the stamps were recovered by him. Even if he had recovered the stamps, why he did not hand those stamps to the police for initiating action against the culprits.

Mr Haroon said that the MQM had presented the case of the people living in the constituency NA – 250 to the election commission, but its appeal to give them the right of the vote was denied, hence the MQM had decided to boycott the re-polling at forty three stations only.

5/22/2018 5:11:13 AM