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Parties having no mandate in Karachi making hue & cry: Waseem Aftab

Parties having no mandate in Karachi making hue & cry: Waseem Aftab
 Posted on: 5/14/2013
Muttahida Qaumi Movement Coordination Committee’s Member Wasim Aftab said here on Wednesday that all those political and religious parties which had suffered crushing defeat in the polls were holding MQM responsible for rigging in Karachi under a calculated move.
The political and religious parties having no mandate in Karachi were making hue and cry although every conscious person knew who were involved in mismanagement and responsible for criminal negligence vis-à-vis non-provision of election material and absence of election staff at the polling stations, he added.
He was speaking to the participants of the party’s sit-in who have assembled in a large number in front of in front of election commission office to demand election on all the 180 polling stations of NA-250 and two provincial assembly’s seats (PS-112 and PS-113). MQM Coordination Committee’s Deputy Conveners Anis Ahmed Kaimkhani, Ms Nasreen Jalil, members of the Coordination Committee, MQM candidate for NA-250, Ms Khushbakht Shujaat, PS-112 candidate Ali Arshad, PS-113 candidate Hafiz Muhammad Sohail and a large number of MQM candidates who had emerged victorious in the National Assembly and Sindh Assembly polls. Besides, a large number of participants included elderly people, women and children who were seen voicing their anger over the election commission’s decision of holding re-polling on just 43 polling stations of NA-250 although there were 180 polling stations in the constituency.
Participants of the sit-in were carrying banners and placards inscribed with slogans such as “Code of tyranny not acceptable”, “rigging not acceptable”, “Jeeyay Altaf”, etc.
Mr Wasim Aftab said that MQM firmly believed in democracy and, as such, the party cannot be deprived of its democratic right through the threats of operation and conspiracies.
Reiterating that the MQM’s was exercising its peaceful democratic rights by staging the sit-in and it would continue till the party’s just demand of conducting election on all the polling stations of NA-250 and PS-112 and 113 was not accepted.
Speaking on the occasion, Haq Parast candidate for NA-250, Ms Khushbakht Shujaat, said that it was the MQM that united people on one platform, brought an end to sectarianism while Altaf Hussain got elected a woman from NA-250.

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