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Bengalis extend support for MQM candidates

Bengalis extend support for MQM candidates
 Posted on: 5/10/2013

 Pakistan Bengalis Action Committee on Friday announced that all Bengalis living in the city would extend their full support to the Haq Parast candidates in the Saturday’s elections.

It was announced here after a representative delegation of Pakistan Bengali Action Committee, led by its chairman, Sheikh Mohammad Feroz, met Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s Coordination Committee Member, Neak Mohammad at the party’s Khursheed Begum Secretariat in Azizabad. Karachi Muzafati Committee’s In-charge, Farrukh Azam and members were also present on the occasion.

Apprising about the election activities, the delegation members told the MQM Coordination Committee Member that since patriotic Bengalis residing in Karachi’s 122 and 225 localities across the country unanimously considered Altaf Hussain as their leader owing to the latter’s political sagacity and his struggle for the rights of 98 per cent oppressed and suppressed people of the country.

The delegation assured the MQM that all Bengalis living in the city would cast their votes in favour of Haq Parast candidates so as ensure the party’s victory in the polls with overwhelming majority.

Lauding the gesture of the delegation members, the MQM Coordination Committee Member, said that the MQM was well aware of the problems of patriotic Bengalis living Karachi and elsewhere in the country, and had always raised voice for their rights

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