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Altaf Hussain telephones brothers of Tariq Mahboob to express condolences

Altaf Hussain telephones brothers of Tariq Mahboob to express condolences
 Posted on: 4/18/2015
MQM Founder and Leader Altaf Hussain telephoned at the home of Sunni Ittehad Council leader Tariq Mahboob and talked to his brothers Ishrat Mahboob and Nusrat Mahboob. He offered condolences to the grieving family members and prayed Allah to give them patience to bear the great loss.
Brother of Tariq Mahboob said, “We have been greatly wronged. Tariq Mahboob was arrested on suspicion. He was subjected to inhuman physical torture in custody that caused his death.”
One of the brothers Ishrat Mahboob told Mr Hussain that he had nothing to do with politics. “I have spent all my life in Australia and USA. We were subjected to inhuman treatment in custody and questions were asked about our Mohajir identity.”
He told Mr Hussain that he had given a sense of identity to the descendants of the founders of Pakistan, and his struggle would not remain unfruitful.
Expressing deep sympathies to the mourning family members Mr Hussain said, “I strongly condemn the callous killing of Tariq Mahboob in the custody of Rangers. I and MQM workers share your grief and sorrow.”
“I pray Almighty Allah to bless the soul of Tariq Mahboob and give patience to all family members to bear the loss.”
Mr Hussain demanded PM Nawaz Sharif to take notice of the death of Tariq Mahboob and bring the people responsible for his death to justice.
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