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Demonstrations held in USA against attacks on MQM

Demonstrations held in USA against attacks on MQM
 Posted on: 5/5/2013 1

Pakistani community living in USA takes part in demonstrations organized by MQM USA

Washington DC: 5th May 2013

Protest demonstrations were held in major USA cities by MQM USA against the Taliban attacks on the MQM election offices in Karachi, targeted killings of MQM workers and election candidates and stopping the liberal and progressive parties from taking part in elections by terrorism. The US cities in which the demonstrations were held included Washington DC, New York, Chicago, Houston, Fort Lauderdale, Atlanta, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Demonstrations were also held in the island state of Hawaii.

In Washington, the demonstration was held in front of the White House, in the New York before the UN building, in the Los Angeles in front of the Pakistani Consulate and in Atlanta outside the office of the CNN.

Patron of MQM USA Ibadur Rehman, Central Organizer Junaid Fehmi, Joint Central Organizer Muhammad Arshad Hussain and other office-bearers attended the protest demonstrations. A large number of the members of the Pakistani community also took active part in the demonstrations against terrorism in Karachi. Besides the Pakistani media, the US media also covered the demonstrations in support of holding free, fair and transparent elections in Pakistan.

The demonstrators were carrying placards and Pakistani flags. They raised slogans against the Taliban attacks on the MQM and the efforts to keep the liberal and progressive political parties out of the electoral process.

Speaking at the demonstration held in front of the White House, Mr Ibadur Rehman said that a conspiracy was being hatched in Pakistan to bring the religious extremists in power by obstructing the path of genuine democratic forces. He said that Pakistan was being pushed towards darkness, ignorance and utter destruction by targeting the liberal and progressive parties. He said that it would have disastrous consequences in the entire South Asian region.

Mr Rehman appealed to the international community to take notice of the situation and use their influence to holding free elections and bringing durable peace in Pakistan.

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