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Leaders supporting terrorism want to impose their own narrow interpretation of Sharia for becoming Amirul Momineen: Altaf Hussain

Leaders supporting terrorism want to impose their own narrow interpretation of Sharia for becoming Amirul Momineen: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 5/2/2013 1
The battle line has been drawn between liberal and conservative parties versus parties supporting extremism and terrorism
Address to the Elders Wing of the MQM in Lal Qila Ground
The Founder and Leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) has said leaders supporting terrorism want to impose their own interpretation of Sharia in the country in order to become Amirul Momineen. In the coming elections, the battle would be fought between liberal and progressive political parties against parties supporting religious extremism. He asserted that the descendent of the founders of Pakistan need not obtain any certificate of patriotism from those who were working against Pakistan. He expressed these views while talking to the elderly members and workers of the Elders’ Wing of the MQM in Lal Qila Ground Azizabad on Thursday evening.
Speaking on the occasion Mr Hussain said that people who had taken active part in the Pakistan Movement or had attended public meetings at that time were also present in Lal Qila Ground. These elderly people saw Pakistan emerging on the map of the world with their own eyes. They witnessed the slaughter of two million Muslims during the struggle for creation of Pakistan, but they persisted in raising the slogan for Pakistan.
“Our forefathers crossed a sea of fire and blood for achieving Pakistan, but it is ironic that those who had opposed the creation of Pakistan are teaching us about patriotism. Those who betrayed the freedom fighters to the British in return for land and who remained loyal to the British are teaching us patriotism.”
Mr Hussain categorically denied about the existence of any militant wing in the MQM. “A leader has said today in Karachi that he would end militant wings of political parties in Karachi after coming into power. If the militant wings are in Karachi, why lethal bullets of Kalashnikovs are fired in the Punjab?”
“There is no militant wing in the MQM, but it has wings of brave, determined and indomitable workers, including the elderly, women and young people.”
Mr Hussain said that the day the MQM government will come into power, it would take over palaces in Raiwind and convert them into schools, colleges and health centres.
Mr Hussain asserted that the MQM is the only political party in the country that is working for empowering people of the poor and middle-class segments of the society. The MQM is not only representing them in the corridors of power but also struggling for their rights.
Mr Hussain praised the workers of the Elders’ Wing and said, “You supported the MQM in every difficult time. The elderly rose to the occasion when life was made difficult for the young workers. Countless raids were conducted at the Nine Zero, but our elders remained steadfast.”
Mr Hussain said that the MQM was once again passing through difficult times, and hence the elders would have to step forward once again.
“Everyone knows about the elements behind ongoing bomb attacks and slaying of personnel of armed forces and the parties that support these terrorists. The leaders condoning the terrorism of these elements never uttered a word that they would wipe out the terrorists behind bomb attacks on mosques, imam bargahs, shrines, schools, and slaying of innocent people and personnel of armed forces.”
“We are the followers of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) who did not spread the religion by the sword. He preached the teachings of Islam gently and softly and with arguments. It is our belief that the elements wanting to enforce their narrow interpretation of Islam could not be true followers of the religion.”
“The Holy Prophet (PBUH) used to forgive even the worst enemies of Islam. He termed the heinous custom of burying alive of the female children as great sin and called it barbarism. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) enjoined upon men and women to acquire knowledge, but the terrorists were bombing girls’ schools in the garb of Islam and lashing women in public.”
Mr Hussain said that the terrorists wanted to confine the women to homes and take away their basic rights. He asked the audience if they would like to stop their women from getting education, driving or going out of homes.
“The liberal and progressive forces in the country have firmly decided that they would not throw their women to the mercy of barbaric terrorists. They have decided that they would foil any such conspiracy with their democratic, constitutional and legal struggle.”
Mr Hussain said that attempts were being made to obstruct the path of liberal and moderate parties by carrying out bomb blasts, but we would not surrender before these terrorists. “We do not want to fight anyone. We believe in sectarian and religious harmony, and we respect all sects, schools of thought and religion. We do not want to give fatwas of infidelity against others.”
Mr Hussain asked the people if they would vote for the parties that support the terrorists carrying out bomb attacks on mosques, imam bargahs, shrine, girls’ schools, and killing innocent people. They replied “No."
Mr Hussain said that the election campaign was being run in the Punjab only and while parties in the remaining three provinces were not being allowed to run their campaign freely.
Mr Hussain hailed the statement of General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani once again and said that the MQM was with the armed forces against the terrorists carrying out bomb attacks.
He saluted the workers of the MQM on continuing the election campaign courageously in the face of terrorism, bomb attacks, targeted killings, and other hardships. He asked everyone to bury their differences and get united as the movement was once again passing through a difficult time.

5/25/2018 8:50:19 PM