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MQM Senators term bomb blast at poll office `an act of cowardice’

MQM Senators term bomb blast at poll office `an act of cowardice’
 Posted on: 4/25/2013
Conspirators won’t succeed in nefarious designs: MQM Senators
Terming bomb blast occurred at MQM election office, near People’s Chowrangi  on Tuesday `an act of cowardice’, Haq Parast Senators strongly condemned the incident in which four workers of the party were killed and several others injured.
In a joint statement issued on Thursday, the MQM Senators said that isn’t it an irony that on the one hand, some parties were running their election campaigns and organizing rallies and meetings independently while, on the other, MQM was being openly targeted by terrorists.
Lashing out at the acts of terrorism and unabated killings of MQM office-bearers, workers and sympathizers, the Senators said that the party under a well-planned conspiracy was not merely being kept away from its democratic right of participating in the election process and running its election campaign in a free and fair manner, but such inhuman acts clearly indicated that all out efforts were afoot to snatch MQM’s mandate and all those involved in such a conspiracy wanted to impose an oppressive system that suited to two per cent landlords and wealthy people of the country, instead of democratic system.
Recalling that the MQM workers had faced similar acts of terrorism in the past, the senators said that that all those forces who wanted to deprive the party of its democratic right would not succeed in achieving their nefarious designs.
The senators asked the caretaker government and the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) whether it was possible to conduct free, fair and transparent elections under the prevailing situation and urged the   government and the ECP to realise their basic responsibility and provide level-playing field to the MQM for running its election campaign in a free and fair manner as it was essential for holding transparent and credible polls.
The Haq Parast Senators offered condolence to the bereaved families over the deaths of their near and dear ones and prayed for the early recovery of all those injured in the bomb blast that took place at the   MQM’s election office.
They also demanded of the President Asif Ali Zardari, caretaker Prime Minister Mir Hazar Khan Khoso, federal Interior Minister Malik Habib, Sindh governor Dr Ishrat-ul-Ibad, caretaker Chief Minister retired Justice Zahid Kurban Alavi to take notice of the bomb blast that occurred at the MQM’s election office, take immediate action against those involved in the conspiracy to keep MQM away from running its election campaign in a peaceful atmosphere and bring an end to the nefarious designs of stealing its mandate…Ends

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