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MQM condemns the arrest of former ABAD Chairman Babar Chughtai

MQM condemns the arrest of former ABAD Chairman Babar Chughtai
 Posted on: 4/13/2015
MQM Co-ordination Committee has strongly condemned the arrest of for chairman of Association of Builders and Developers Babar Chughtai and called it a flagrant act of vindictiveness.
It said that Mr Chughtai is a prominent businessman and has played an important role in the development and progress of Karachi as the chairman of ABAD. It regretted that Mr Chughtai was arrested on the flimsy basis that he had given a donation to MQM.
The Co-ordination Committee asked if it was illegal for any businessman to give a donation to any political or religious party. It further asked if there were any businessmen in Pakistan who did not give donations to political parties at the time of elections or public meeting.
The Co-ordination Committee said that by arresting Mr Chughtai a message has been given to all businessmen in Karachi not to keep any relations with the MQM.
The Co-ordination Committee asked President Mamnoon Hussain, PM Nawaz Sharif, Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan and CM Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah whether the Karachi Operation was being done to eliminate terrorism and crime from Karachi or to crush MQM.
It demanded the immediate release of Mr Chughtai and stopping of vindictive actions against MQM its sympathisers.
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