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Altaf Hussain confers self respect, courage & awareness for rights

Altaf Hussain confers self respect, courage & awareness for rights
 Posted on: 4/12/2015
The founder and leader of Muttahida Quami Movement Mr. Altaf Hussain said the people who have been asking the Karachiites that what did Altaf Hussain give them for voting during the last two decades. He said that he gave them due respect and courage to struggle for their rights.
Talking to a crowd gathered to participate in MQM election campaign at Jinnah ground, MQM Chief said that some people kept satirising to the voters of NA-246 to exploit them. He said that before MQM, everyone tried to invade Mohajirs, like in 1964 the son of General Ayub Khan, Gohar Ayub Khan crashed Mohajir population, in 1986 the incident of Qasba and Alighar which costed 300 hundred innocent people, while on 30th September 1988 more than 200 innocent Mohajirs were killed.
Mr. Hussain asked that when the Mohajirs’ mothers and sisters were being insulted then what were these so-called sympathisers doing? He said that Altaf Hussain let the people live with respect and courage to raise voice for their fundamental rights.
He said that they were the children of the freedom fighters who struggled to liberate sub-continent from the captivity of British Empire and for that they had to sacrifice their daughters and sisters. He said that some of the malice elements conspired against the Urdu-speaking people and forced to engage them to fight with other ethnic communities of the countries.
Mr. Hussain said that MQM wanted a peaceful election in NA-246 and believed on equality for the all candidates to carry out their election campaigns. He directed MQM workers and leaders to maintain peace and show patience during the opponents’ rallies and not to raise slogans against any party.
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