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Provocative speeches: JI tries to exploit election campaign process: MQM spokesman

Provocative speeches: JI tries to exploit election campaign process: MQM spokesman
 Posted on: 4/12/2015
The spokesperson of Muttahida Quami Movement said that the Jamaat-e-Islami’s (JI) leadership had nothing to present as manifesto that was the reason, they trying to exploit the entire election campaign process by provocative speeches.
The spokesman said it seemed that the JI just wanted to spread violence and vandalism and create chaos in the constituency to frighten the people. He said that all the MQM’s workers strictly followed MQM Chief Mr. Hussain’s directives and everyone knew that his philosophy was peace and tolerance for the others.
He said that people did not forget the role of JI to spread Kalashnikovs’ culture in the name of Jihad throughout the country and who started violence in national universities. He said that JI leadership might have forgotten that the prime culprit of 9/11 incident Khalid Sheikh Muhammad was arrested from a JI leader’s house.
The spokesman said that the JI Chief said to spread the killing-culture in the name of their so-called version of Islam. He said that JI Chief claimed the renowned terrorists Hakimullah Mehsud was martyr, while the sacrifices of lives which were rendered by the army soldiers were not the martyrdom.
He said that prior to the conception of MQM, the JI ruled lonely over Karachi nearly four decades but could not deliver any remedy for the deprivations of the Karachiites. He said that the quota-system was also the most romantic gift of JI during 70’s.
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