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Altaf Hussain once again invites PTI to hold its public meeting in Jinnah Ground

Altaf Hussain once again invites PTI to hold its public meeting in Jinnah Ground
 Posted on: 4/10/2015
MQM leader Altaf Hussain has once again invited Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf to hold a public meeting in the Jinnah Ground. He said the MQM is ready to extend unconditional support even if PTI intends to hold its public meeting on the Shahrah-e-Pakistan. He made this offer while talking on different news channels on Thursday.
Mr Hussain also welcomed JI for holding its public meeting in Karachi on 12th April in Federal B Area.
He said, “We had invited PTI chief Imran Khan and his wife Reham to Jinnah Ground in all sincerity. I oversaw the arrangements that were being made by the Co-ordination Committee for their reception.”
“Flower petals were arranged for the reception and various dishes, including Haleem, were prepared. A gold jewellery set was purchased for Reham and cloth for a suit was bought for Imran Khan.”
“Our workers remained busy in making arrangements all the night. They showered rose petals on Imran Khan when he arrived with his people. Imran Khan returned all of a sudden some discussion with the administration.”
“A small incident should not be made an issue. Such events occur in all political meetings or processions.”
“I once again invite PTI to hold its public meeting in the Jinnah Ground. We are ready to extend every co-operation if they want to hold their meeting on the nearby Shahrah-e-Pakistan.”
Mr Hussain asked PTI and JI to forget past bitterness and start a new phase of love and mutual respect. “We have to promote peace, brotherhood, unity and tolerance in Pakistan. We should adhere to the policy of live and let live and give respect to each other.”
“Parties having different shades of political ideologies were like flowers of different colours in a garden. The addition of a flower cannot harm the garden in any manner.”
Regarding the gifts purchased for Imran Khan and his wife Reham Khan, Mr Hussain said, the Co-ordination Committee will look into it as to how they will be delivered.
He prayed Almighty Allah to maintain peace and an environment of mutual understanding in Pakistan.
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