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Statesmanship by Mr. Altaf Hussain must be reciprocated by PTI: Dr Farooq Sattar

Statesmanship by Mr. Altaf Hussain must be reciprocated by PTI: Dr Farooq Sattar
 Posted on: 4/9/2015 1
Member of Coordination Committee of Muttahida Quami Movement Dr Farooq Sattar said that it was a wrong perception that MQM workers involved in the unpleasant incident on the arrival of PTI Chairman Imran Khan at Jinnah ground.
Addressing a press conference at Jinnah ground, MQM leader said that the beginning of PTI’s election campaign from MQM martyrs’ monument (Yadgar-e-Shuhda). He said that MQM had arranged gifts and sumptuous lunch for the guests, while members MQM Coordination Committee, Central Executive Council, MNAs and MPAs welcomed PTI leadership at Jinnah ground.
Dr Farooq Sattar said that MQM Chief Mr. Altaf Hussain offered goodwill gesture to the PTI leaderships, which they admitted. He said that Imran Khan thanked MQM delegation and told them that he prayed for the MQM’s martyrs.
He said that the people were curious about the PTI Chairman’s claim that the 2015 is the year of elections, which might cause unrest throughout the country. He said that there was some propaganda on the return of Imran Khan when a little clash between MQM and PTI supporters and workers.
Dr Farooq said that both the parties had to keep an eye on the miscreants to make the election process peaceful. He also said that both the parties had to show maturity and responsibility during the election campaign and also had to control the election temperature to maintain party workers.
MQM candidate for NA-246 Kanwar Naveed Jameel said that Mr. Hussain directed the Coordination Committee of MQM to offer goodwill gesture to the visiting PTI leadership. He said initially MQM was told that Imran Khan would visit at the Jinnah ground with some of his party leadership but the actual situation was quite different, that was the reason people came out of their homes and MQM with great difficulties controlled them.
Syed Haider Abbas Rizvi said that the initiative gesture of goodwill which MQM Chief Mr. Hussain offered to PTI, for that Imran Khan also thanked him. He said that it was first time in the country’s political history that the rival party wished to rally at the Center of opposing party.
He said that the clash between two parties was due to the some unknown miscreants not between the MQM and PTI workers. He said that MQM once again came out as winner in this constituency as always and that was the reason MQM tried to defuse the boiling atmosphere prior to the by-election.
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