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Criminals back PTI NA-246 by-election campaign: Kanwar Naveed

Criminals back PTI NA-246 by-election campaign: Kanwar Naveed
 Posted on: 4/8/2015 1
The candidate of NA-246 by-elections of Muttahida Quami Movement Mr. Kanwar Naveed Jameel expressed his deep concerns over the exhibition of weapons and presence of criminals in election campaign of PTI candidate Imran Ismail.
In a statement, the NA-246 Candidate said that the criminal elements campaigning for Imran Ismail did expose the real face of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. He said that the PTI protecting the criminals of Kaati Pahari, while it is evident that those criminals did neither belong to Karachi nor Sindh.
Mr. Kanwar Naveed said that the ethnically biased leadership of former PPI converged themselves into PTI members and suspiciously designing ethnic violence in Karachi. He said that the PTI candidate did not even have people to carry out his election campaign in NA-246 constituency and tried to attract the media attention through clash with MQM.
He demanded the Election Commission to take notice against the criminal elements of PTI involved in by-elections of NA-246 which terrify the people. He said that the authority in Sindh could only take notice against MQM but the criminals were allowed in PTI election campaign raising question mark about the impartiality of Sindh government.
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