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Peace seemed in danger due to Saudi-Yemen conflict: Altaf Hussian

Peace seemed in danger due to Saudi-Yemen conflict: Altaf Hussian
 Posted on: 4/7/2015 1
The founder and leader of Muttahida Quami Movement Mr. Altaf Hussain said that the peace of entire region was in danger due to Saudi-Yemen conflict and prayed that both the countries should resolve the issue through dialogues rather engaging themselves in any conflict.
Talking to the participants of a musical programme in connection with NA-246 elections at Jinnah ground Azizabad, MQM Chief appealed to the people of Liaquatabad and Federal-B area to prepare breakfast for their ladies and let them go to the polling stations to cast their votes. He congratulated the people for the success of NA-246 elections on 23rd April 2015.
Mr. Hussain said the joint-session of the Parliament was the evidence that God bless respect and disrespect to the people. He said that the negative propagandas were carried out through newspapers and TV channels, and tried to create negative assumptions against MQM among the people. He said that various anchor persons, reporters and writers were paid to propagate against MQM.
He said they blamed that the PTI rally was attacked while the people of Karimabad raised slogans in favour of MQM. He said that when PTI leadership used abusive language, the people of NA-246 reacted against them. He said that he expressed his sorrow on the incident and directed his MNAs and MPAs to sit in PTI camp and provide moral support to them.
MQM Chief said that the insult, PTI had to face in the Parliament was seen all over the world but unfortunately MQM was blamed for all. He said that despite all the positive gestures from MQM, the PTI leadership was simply blaming MQM for nothing.
He said that the Constitution of Pakistan was the most respectful document for all the Pakistani, and Section-1 of the Article-64 categorically stated that if any of the MNAs or MPAs would submit his/her resignation to the Speaker of the National Assembly, or Section-2 of the Article-64 also stated that if any of the MNAs or MPAs would keep absent for forty consecutive days from the Parliament, his/her membership would automatically terminated.
Mr. Hussain also appreciated MQM workers and supporters especially women and children and said that he loved them as much as nobody could love his people. He also thanked and appreciated the artist who performed in the musical show.
اردو میں پڑھیں Pictures of the Event

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