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MQM Parliamentarians visit counterparts in the European Union

MQM Parliamentarians visit counterparts in the European Union
 Posted on: 4/1/2015 1
A delegation of parliamentarians from MQM met with their European counterparts in Brussels today to discuss the situation in Pakistan and how the EU can support MQM’s policies, especially in areas of human rights and counter-terrorism.
“It was very important for us to meet with relevant European officials in Brussels and discuss how MQM could help bring stability to Pakistan through its progressive policies”, said MQM’s Senator, Barrister Muhammad Saif.
He further added, "Our discussions focused on the issues of trade, security and human rights and will hopefully facilitate fruitful dialogue between Pakistan and the EU in these challenging times.”
The MQM delegation met with senior representatives of the European External Action Service – Mrs Paola Pampaloni, Mr Tomas Niklasson and Mrs Ann van Hout, as well as Members of the European Parliament - Mr Michael Gahler MEP, Mr Ivan Stefanec MEP, Mr Amjad Bashir MEP, Mr Cristian Dan Preda MEP, Mr Afzal Khan MEP and Mrs Jean Lambert MEP.
Following the meeting, Mr Afzal Khan MEP said, "It was a great pleasure to meet with the MQM and to learn more about their record of opposing terrorism, strengthening rights for women and tackling the root causes of poverty and inequality. I look forward to working with them in the coming years to ensure that their voice is heard on the European stage"
The MQM delegation comprised Senator Muhammed Ali Saif, Miss Saman Jafri MNA, Mr Nadeem Nusrat and Mr Wasay Jalil. They represent one of the largest parties in Pakistan, committed to a democratic Pakistan and education for all. The delegation were keen to emphasise that the party stands side by side with the EU in the fight against extremism.
MQM is also the party behind the success of Karachi – a city of more than 23 million people and Pakistan’s economic hub. In economic terms, MQM supports free enterprise and good governance and advocates increased foreign investment in Pakistan, both for the technical expertise it can bring and as a bulwark against corruption.

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