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MQM organizes rally against ARY

MQM organizes rally against ARY
 Posted on: 3/26/2015
MQM had organized a protest rally against misuse of journalism in name of freedom of speech at ARY News and demanded to stop the media trial against MQM and Chief Altaf Hussain.
The participants demanded all the concerned authorities to take action against the biased journalism and journalists. The rally was hugely participated and raised the slogans against ARY News journalist for using media as a platform to propagate against MQM.
Meanwhile, member of Coordination Committee Dr Farooq Sattar said that despite the tense situation of the city, the hugely participated rally was a referendum from the Karachiites and the exhibition of their love with MQM Chief Mr. Altaf Hussain. He said that the freedom of speech was the blessing of God and irresponsible use of the blessing could harm the liberty.
Dr Sattar said that the genuine journalists should play their role to stop the media trial based on biasness. He said that Pakistan was in the defining movement, while the soldiers were embracing martyrdom in the war against terror. He said that MQM was the only political party to make Pakistan as per Quaid’s vision.
He said that MQM would opt legal option to counter such slenderized propaganda and malicious elements, who had been designing conspiracies against MQM. He said that the unannounced ban imposed on the party, could leave the space for the extremists and terrorists, and their facilitators.
Member of Coordination Committee Syed Haider Abbas Rizvi saluted the participants of the rally for attending in such huge number. He said that the rally was the evidence of love of the people with MQM Chief Mr. Altaf Hussain and nobody could separate them from their beloved leader.
Mr. Rizvi said that some scrupulous elements on private TV channels carried out a media trial against MQM for their vested agenda. He said that he thought journalism was an eternal thing to do and people should maintain the respect of pen.
He said that PTI Chief Imran Khan insulted Karachiites while stating that the participants of MQM rallies were living-dead and would come to ask votes from these living-dead. He said that Mr. Hussain once again offered PTI to contest and compete MQM with democratic way in NA-246 elections.
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