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MQM rejects Saulat’s video, terms conspiracy to defame

MQM rejects Saulat’s video, terms conspiracy to defame
 Posted on: 3/19/2015
The Coordination Committee of Muttahida Quami Movement said that the statement of Saulat Mirza from the death cell was the continuation of media trial against MQM and the party categorically denied all the accusation posted by him.
In a statement issued, the Coordination Committee said that the statement showed that it was recorded after luring him to delay or pardon his death sentence. It was clearly evident that the statement was pre-planned and pre-written and he was compelled to record it.
The Committee said that after issuing the death warrant the guilty is only allowed to meet with his family and his cell would be sealed; then how come, the statement was recorded. It said that it was clear that the statement was issued to defame MQM but people had come to know the malice intention of the video release.
The Committee said that it was a unique example, when such a video was released on all the TV channels. It asked that why criminals of GHQs attack case and former President Musharraf attack case were not allowed to record their statement prior to the execution their death sentences.
The Coordination Committee said that MQM was an elected party of millions of people and the media trial against the party to defame it was an insult of the people’s mandate. It said that the conspirators would be failed again.
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