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Muslims living in UK and other European countries should respect laws of these countries: Altaf Hussain

Muslims living in UK and other European countries should respect laws of these countries: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 3/7/2015 1
They should make their children a useful part of society by educating them and keeping them away from extremist organizations
Founder and Leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) Mr Altaf Hussain has urged on Pakistanis living in European countries to respect the laws of the countries they live in and keep their children away from the influence of extremist organizations. He asked them to give good education to their children and make them a useful citizen of the society. He expressed these views while speaking at the International Secretariat of the MQM on the occasion of the 13th birthday of his daughter Afzaa Altaf.
When Mr Hussain arrived at the International Secretariat with his daughter, he was given a warm welcome amid cheers and clapping by members of the Co-ordination Committee, workers, women and children. Mr Hussain waived to the participants and answered their slogans. He intermingled with them and inquired after their well-being.
Speaking on occasion he particularly addressed Pakistanis living in United Kingdom and other European countries and said, “You should give religious education to your children but protect them from falling prey to extremist organizations that were preaching to spill the blood of Muslims in the name of Islam.”
Mr Hussain said, “These extremist organizations were in fact working for the forces that wanted to tarnish the name of Islam and Muslims before the entire world.”
“Muslims living in UK and other western countries, who think that the system of these countries and their laws were against Sharia should go to their own respective countries and first try to bring their systems and laws in conformity with Sharia.”
Mr Hussain urged on the students to focus on their studies and ward against elements who could lead them astray.
Later on a birthday cake was cut to celebrate the 13th birthday of Afzaa Altaf. The guests congratulated Mr Hussain who was in good cheers. He also distributed gifts among children.
There was a festive mood at the International Secretariat and workers enjoyed by dancing on the MQM songs.
Mr Hussain stayed at the Secretariat till late in the night. He watched the Cricket match between Pakistan and South Africa and cheered Pakistan team.

Muslims living in UK and other European... by MQMOfficial

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