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An unannounced state operation has started in Karachi: MQM

An unannounced state operation has started in Karachi: MQM
 Posted on: 4/12/2013
Only the Mohajir localities are being targeted and innocent people are being subjected to inhuman torture
The Co-ordination Committee of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) has deplored the illegal detention and arrests of scores of innocent people during house-to-house search operations conducted by police and Rangers in various areas of Karachi. It said that the MQM had always supported actions for restoring peace and order in Karachi but the manner in which areas where the MQM enjoyed popular support were being besieged and houses raided clearly indicated that an unannounced state operation had started in Karachi.
The Co-ordination Committee said that the house of noted poet Gulnar Afreen was raided in Saudabad area of District Malir by security forces. Her two nephews were arrested and subjected to brutal physical torture. Her husband Nasir Hussain was also arrested by the security forces in 1992 and subjected to inhuman torture for several days resulting in his death.
The house of Gulnar Afreen was ransacked during the raid and abusive and threatening language was used against women.
The Co-ordination Committee said that the Mohajir localities were being particularly targeted during the operation to recover illegal weapons. Innocent people were being detained during the house-to-house search and tortured in captivity. Licensed weapons were also being confiscated by security forces.
The Co-ordination Committee asked why the raids were being conducted in the Mohajir localities only. Arrests and illegal detentions of innocent people clearly indicated that the action being taken by the security forces on the pretext of recovery illegal weapons is actually directed at harassing people and keeping them away from the electoral process.
The Co-ordination Committee demanded President Asif Zardari, caretaker Prime Minister Mir Hazar Khan Khoso, Interior Minister Malik Habib, caretaker chief minister Sindh Zahid Qurban Alvi and Governor Sindh Dr Ishratul Ebad to take serious notice of the arrests and illegal detentions of innocent people during the besiege and search operations in Karachi. It called for immediate release of all innocent people arrested during the operation.

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