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Altaf Hussain only leader after Nelson Mandela: Faroogh Nasim

Altaf Hussain only leader after Nelson Mandela: Faroogh Nasim
 Posted on: 2/12/2015
KARACHI, 12-02-2015: MQM Senator Barrister Faroogh Nasim said that MQM Chief Altaf Hussain has apologized PTI spokesperson Shireen Mazari and only nobles excused for their conducts.
Talking to the media persons outside the provincial election commission office, MQM leader said Altaf Hussain is the only leader after Nelson Mandela who sacrificed his entire life to serve people. He said that a tribunal led by Justice (retd) Zahid Qurban Alvi had already reached on the truth after examining the JIT and evidence regarding Baldia blaze tragedy that the tragic incident was mere a short circuit.
Senator Faroogh Nasim said that the JIT report had nothing but a presentable source to discuss the evidence but it had no such legal worth other then this by the constitution of Pakistan. He said that Zahid Qurban Alvi’s tribunal already reached on the conclusion and its report was held in the court’s record.
He satirically asked that did the police incomplete and inconclusive report or JIT have any edge on Mr. Zahid Alvi’s tribunal’s conclusive report. He said that a political party and some of media outlets were trying to manipulate the issue and they wanted to entice people against MQM.
Mr. Faroogh Nasim mentioned that PTI leader Asad Umar claimed that some of MQM workers asked extortion money from his brother Zubair Umar but Mr. Zubair Umar categorically denied any such incident. He said despite all people had reached on the conclusion that it was mere a media trial against MQM.

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