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Another extra-judicial killing : MQM calls for Sindh-wide shutter down

Another extra-judicial killing : MQM calls for Sindh-wide shutter down
 Posted on: 1/28/2015
The Coordination Committees of Pakistan and London of Muttahida Quami Movement conducted a joint meeting and decided a day of mourning on Thursday for extra-judicially killing of MQM Unit-64 of Society Sector worker Suhail Ahmed.
In a statement, the Coordination Committee said that PPP held an open-house in Bahadurabad where PPP’s goons and police officials were also present there. In the same open-house, Suhail Ahmed raised various questions regarding Sindh government performance for that reason he was forced to be quiet and PPP’s Saeed Chawla threatened him for the consequences, it added.
The Committee said that on same 15th December 2014 late night Suhail Ahmed was arbitrarily arrested by the police and on 28th January he was found death in Maowach Goth. It said that MQM kept asking whereabouts of Suhail Ahmed by police and Rangers. It said that despite presenting him before the court of law, the police killed him extra-judicially.
The Coordination Committee said that such malice tactics could not discourage workers’ determination with MQM and said Suhail’s blood would not be rendered useless. It demanded the authorities to immediately arrest the PPP’s leaders, police and Rangers officials involved in the incident.
The Committee announced a day of mourning for extra-judicially killing of Suhail Ahmed on Thursday throughout the Sindh and appealed to the people, transporters and traders to close their activities and businesses. MQM Chief Mr. Altaf Hussain endorsed the Coordination Committee’s decision for the shutter down strike across the Sindh.
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