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Altaf Hussain expresses no-confidence in Election Commission of Pakistan

Altaf Hussain expresses no-confidence in Election Commission of Pakistan
 Posted on: 3/23/2013
Changing electoral constituencies in Karachi alone is conspiracy to steal the mandate of the MQM
Expressing no-confidence in the Election Commission of Pakistan, the Founder and Leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) Mr Altaf Hussain has said that changing electoral constituencies in Karachi alone was a conspiracy to divide the vote bank of the MQM. He declared that the workers and supporters of the MQM would not allow this conspiracy to succeed at any cost.
Talking to the Co-ordination Committee Mr Hussain said that the decision of the Election Commission to alter electoral constituencies in Karachi was illegal and unconstitutional. He said that the commission was taking prejudicial actions against the people of Karachi. People are forced to question the neutrality and impartiality of the commission as it was taking illegal and unconstitutional steps while the elections were not far.
Mr Hussain said that such prejudicial actions by the high and mighty brought harm to the country in the past. Instead of promoting harmony and brotherhood the East Pakistan and the West Pakistan, such decisions were taken that widened distances between the two wings and ultimately, the country broke apart.
He regretted that no lessons were learnt from the past due to which the remaining country is also moving towards disintegration. He warned if the prejudicial policies were not changed by taking lessons from the past, it would be highly detrimental to the country.
Mr Hussain asked the Co-ordination Committee to inform the people and the workers about the conspiracies being hatched against the MQM. He told the office-bearers and workers that the mandate of the MQM was being stolen, and it was their basic constitutional and democratic right to protest against this.
He said that the coming time could be difficult and hence everyone they should remain united and prepare themselves mentally and physically for the future line of action.

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