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Electricity breakdown: MQM Rabita Committee terms, could cause terrorist attack

Electricity breakdown: MQM Rabita Committee terms, could cause terrorist attack
 Posted on: 1/25/2015
The Coordination Committee of Muttahida Quami Movement expressed deep concerns over a huge electricity breakdown in the country, including Karachi due to tripping the lines of Muzaffargarh Thermal Power Plant and National Gird Station.
In a statement, the Coordination Committee said that such a breakdown could result serious consequences, including serious terrorist attack because of the current situation of law and order in the country. It said that the complete breakdown showed incompetency of K-Electric’s management and seemed evidence of rivalry with Karachiites.
The Committee said that K-Electric served the biggest city and economical hub of the country and had its own 1800MW installed production, while it bought 650MW from Wapda in summer and 450MW in winter to fulfill the need of the city. It said that it was incomprehensible that due to the Wapda’s breakdown and Karachi would suffer only 450MW electricity shortage but drowning the entire city into darkness was unjustifiable by the K-Electric management.
The Coordination Committee said that the K-Electric management gave primary importance to the 450MW electricity received from Wapda to fulfill Karachi’s requirement. It said that it put 1800MW self-generated electricity on secondary basis and due to it, Karachiites had to bear intolerable electricity loadsheddings.
It said that the federal government provided K-Electric nearly 12.5 billion rupees annual subsidiary to provide relief to Karachiites but the management seemed doing nothing. It demanded Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Minister for Water and Electricity Khawaja Asif to take notice against the discriminatory attitude of K-Electric management to Karachiites.
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