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Altaf Hussain gives lecture on egoism

Altaf Hussain gives lecture on egoism
 Posted on: 1/23/2015
The founder and leader of Muttahida Quami Movement Mr. Altaf Hussain said egoism was a satanic attribute and not only created hindrance between two people to unite but also constituted hurdles among the people to reach for unity, solidarity and discipline.
Giving a telephonic to lecture on egoism to MQM office-bearers, Senators, MNAs, MPAs and others, MQM Chief said that the egoism left negative impacts in human’s life and society collectively. He urged that to end egoism from political movements to maintain discipline.
Mr. Hussain said that the thought processing to know, to research, and to unfold the concealed truths was human nature and with help of it, man reached to the peak of the success and development. He said that there was no limit to learn things but man mostly suffered in egoism after conceiving a little knowledge.
He said that the egoism was so bad that it was termed to be satanic characteristic and against the wish of almighty Allah. He said that egoism hindered friends to come close and created differences between couple and caused to end the love which finally resulted separation between the couple.
MQM Chief said that such thinking not only harmed people’s lives but also destroyed nations and the nearest example was the separation of East Pakistan. He said that the collective egos of West Pakistan’s people’s caused creation of Bangladesh and Bengalis who were discriminately said to be weak and dwarfs now economically stronger then Pakistan.
He said that an organization that was made to change the country’s prevailing obsolete system and to achieve collective rights of the people and needed its people to eliminate their egos. He said that ego always limited individual’s approach and stopped them to be united for greater cause.
Mr. Hussain said that it was the reason, since the inception of MQM, he taught his party workers to end their egos and struggled collectively for the mission. He said that there was more chance to suffer in egoism where there was more knowledge or where people held good positions.
He said that mostly people forgot their past and time, and after being suffered in egoism, they looked down upon others. He advised party office-bearers, Senators, MNAs and MPAs not to forget their past and time. He said they should not forget that what were their economical status and what were they now after MQM had given them chance to grow
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