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Martial Law should be declared in Sindh for bringing peace and protecting citizens: Altaf Hussain

Martial Law should be declared in Sindh for bringing peace and protecting citizens: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 1/19/2015
Sindh Government has utterly failed in its duty to protect citizens and seems unconcerned by the worsening situation
MQM Founder and Leader Mr Altaf Hussain has demanded Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to declare martial law in Sindh as the Sindh Government has utterly failed in its responsibility to bring peace and protect life and property of people, particularly in Karachi. He made this demand while speaking about the deteriorating law and order situation in Karachi on different news channels.
Mr Hussain said that the Prime Minister should immediately advise the President of Pakistan to declare martial law in the province of Sindh.
He said, “At times difficult and unpopular decisions have to be taken to protect citizens.”
Mr Hussain also urged on the Rangers to allow the people to use barriers to protect their neighbourhoods.
He added if the Prime Minister was of the view that the decision to declare martial law in Sindh was not correct, the government should issue arms license to the people of Karachi to protect themselves from terrorists.”
Mr Hussain expressed his deep concerns on the rising incidents of targeted killings in Karachi and said that the law and order situation was worsening day by day. Apparently the Sindh Government had handed over the city to terrorists belonging to various sectarian outfits and Taliban.
Mr Hussain said, “The Sindh Government is completely unconcerned and insensitive to the situation in the city. It appears that there is no one to look after the affairs of Karachi.”
“Elements behind incidents of targeted killings do not want peace in Karachi.”
“Population of Karachi has increased manifold while the police force lacked the manpower and resources to handle the situation. Instead of hiring clean people in the police force, the provincial government has inducted criminal elements and deputed them on important positions. These police officers having shady background are patronizing and protecting criminals in the city instead of working for restoring peace and order.”
“Complaints of arrest of innocent people and demand of huge bribes in exchange of their return has become commonplace. If the helpless relatives fail to give the bribes their loved-ones are brutalized and tortured in custody and killed extrajudicially.”
Mr Hussain said that several MQM workers have met this fate. “A few days ago we took the funerals of our martyred workers to the Chief Minister House but neither the Chief Minister not any member of his cabinet bothered to come out for expressing sympathies to the grieving family members of the victims.”
Mr Hussain said the attitude of the Sindh Government was proof enough that it was equally responsible for the injustices being committed against innocent people. It has become evident that the provincial government was patronizing criminal elements, terrorists of the gang war and cruel police officers instead of striving for establishing peace and order in Karachi.
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