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The News: Just, equitable system to be established if MQM comes to power: Altaf

The News: Just, equitable system to be established if MQM comes to power: Altaf
 Posted on: 3/19/2013

Source: The News
MIRPURKHAS: Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Chief Altaf Hussain has said that a just and equitable system would be established in Pakistan if an MQM government comes into power.
In a speech that could be seen as his party’s manifesto for the upcoming elections, Hussain said that no one should die because they do not have money to buy medicines.He said that the MQM’s government would make education up to matriculation free and it would be the responsibility of the government to provide free healthcare facilities to the poor.
He was addressing a huge gathering at the Gama Stadium in Mirpurkhas on the occasion of the 29th Foundation Day of the MQM. A large number of people belonging to different spheres of life and workers and office-bearers of the MQM were present in the Gama Stadium to celebrate the foundation day.
Hussain said that the MQM would establish a just and equitable system in Pakistan that would give speedy justice to the poor people who do not have the resources to hire expensive lawyers.
He said that across the board accountability would be done and loan defaulters, looters of national wealth and bribe takers would be given exemplary punishment. “The MQM does not sell party tickets at the time of general elections and no one can point a finger at the MQM MNAs, MPAs and senators for any corruption.
The MQM awards tickets purely on the basis of merit and totally free of cost,” he said. Hussain said that people would ask as to how the MQM would implement its revolutionary policies keeping in view the fact that the country was heavily burdened with foreign debt. “The looted national wealth would be recovered and spent on public welfare projects. No one would be able to evade tax if an MQM government came into power.” Speaking about the injustices committed against women, Hussain said that the evil customs of karo-kari and marriage with the Holy Quran would be abolished.
Those who threw acid on women should be given harsh punishments. He said that the MQM’s government would allocate 50 percent reserved seats for women in the provincial and national assemblies. He said that 50 percent jobs in government and semi-government institutions would be reserved for women in order to lift their economic status.
Hussain said that the MQM would introduce land reforms and a limit would be set on maximum land-holdings. The surplus land would be distributed among poor farmers and peasants.Speaking about the law and order situation Hussain said that the MQM would ensure that no one had the fear of being looted.
Even women will feel secure in travelling. Hussain asked the Co-ordination Committee to establish a centre under the KKF where couples wanting to marry out of their own free will according to Islamic laws could take shelter.
He said that the organisations killing people on the basis of sectarian differences should be boycotted. Shias should protect Sunnis and Sunnis should protect Shias. He said that the MQM was working for eliminating differences among different nationalities. The MQM wanted to change Pakistan according to the vision of the Quaid-i-Azam. Speaking about overseas Pakistanis, Hussain said that the MQM government would introduce changes to the Constitution to give equal rights to overseas Pakistanis.
He urged on the Sindh government to allocate land for the medical college in Mirpurkhas that was already approved. He also called for establishing an engineering university in Mirpurkhas.Hussain said that the infrastructure in Mirpurkhas was severely damaged by heavy rains. The government should give special grants to restore the infrastructure in the district.
Hussain congratulated everyone on the 29th Foundation Day of the MQM and said that the sacrifices of the martyrs would bring fruit.
Dr Farooq Sattar
Addressing the gathering in the Gama Stadium, Deputy Convener of the Co-ordination Committee Dr Farooq Sattar said that the people living in rural areas of Sindh had also decided that they would no longer accept the change of faces only. They also wanted to bring a real change in the country through ballot.
He said that the MQM would contest the coming elections for saving Pakistan and not for the sake of coming into power. He said that none of the MQM ministers, MNAs, MPAs, and senators was tainted with corruption because there was an accountability system in the MQM that filtered corrupt elements.
Sardar Nabil Gabol
Sardar Nabil Gabol said that Mr Hussain was the only leader of the country who feels the pain for his people. He said that Hussain always showed sympathy to him whenever he was in trouble.
He said that Pakistan would be strong when Sindh will become strong. He said that our success lies in our unity. He said that we have to live like brothers and added that he would take this message in the villages, towns and cities of Sindh.

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