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Senior PPP leader Nabeel Gabol joins MQM along with thousands of his supporters

Senior PPP leader Nabeel Gabol joins MQM along with thousands of his supporters
 Posted on: 3/17/2013
PPP ignored Lyari and brought about its destruction: Nabeel Gabol
Senior PPP leader and former MNA from Lyari Nabeel Gabol announced his decision to join the MQM along with thousands of his companions in a press conference at the MQM headquarters Nine Zero. Mr Gabol was warmly welcomed when he reached Nine Zero. Deputy Conveners of the Co-ordination Committee Dr Farooq Sattar, Dr Khalid Maqbool and others were present on the occasion.
Addressing the press conference, Mr Gabol said, “Serving the people is the basic reason for anyone to come into politics. The present PPP ignored my constituency Lyari and brought about its destruction. I have been raising my voice for the past three years drawing the attention of the party leadership towards the explosive situation in Lyari. I have been telling them that it is a time bomb that would have repercussions on the entire Karachi and the country.”
“I had been pointing out and appealing to the PPP leadership that criminal elements were gaining ground in Lyari. I said that these criminals should be stopped by my party did not listen, and the present situation in Lyari is for everyone to see.”
“I could not serve the people of Lyari that have been held hostage by criminal gangs, but I am joining the MQM today so that I may serve the oppressed people and discharge my responsibilities towards them.”
“Misunderstandings have been created about the MQM that it is the party of a particular class but it is a fact that the MQM is not only the party of all nationalities, it embraces people of religious minorities as well.”
“After joining the MQM I will work for bringing Sindhis, Balochis, Pathans, and Punjabis closer together. It would be my foremost priority, and I will also work to dispel the impression that the MQM is the party of a particular class.”
Mr Gabol said that his relations with the PPP turned sour because the then home minister used to interfere excessively in my constituency, and he encouraged criminal elements. “I had pointed out to the PPP leadership that these criminal elements would one day become a headache for the PPP, and this was the beginning of the parting of ways with the PPP.”
Addressing the people of Lyari Mr Gabol said that they should go beyond Lea Market, and the MQM workers would protect them there. He said that Sindhis and Balochis should likewise, protect the Urdu-speaking people.
Dr Farooq Sattar welcomed Mr Gabol in the MQM and said that his arrival in the MQM would be helpful in spreading the message of Altaf Hussain in the country. He said that it would also strengthen the efforts of Mr Hussain in promoting unity among various entities living in Sindh.

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